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Technology has revolutionized our lives. It has completely changed our lives and made every aspect of our life easier. Whether you wish to pay your bills, want to see world affairs, access decades-old data, or communicate, modern technology has got you all covered. Arguably, the best type of technology is telecommunication. It is fascinating how telecommunication plays a major role in our lives and how we carry out our daily life functions.

What is telecommunication and telecommunication network? The means of staying interconnected regardless of the distance is called telecommunication. This may include voice calls, SMS, video calls, emails, etc. Telecommunication is not possible without a telecommunication network. Systems that enable data transmission between various devices in analog or digital form are called telecommunication networks.

The four major types of telecommunication networks include:

Internet. The foremost and primary type of telecommunication is the internet. We are all well aware of the importance of the internet and how it has given us countless benefits. Data can now be shared all around the world from any device. Mobile networks allow you to connect to the internet regardless of your geographical position. Advanced companies like EnerSys are now providing a 5th generation mobile network as well.

  • Packet Switched Networks.

A smaller-scale network, PSN is also a type of telecommunication network that sends data in little packets in groups of connected servers. PSN may or may not be interconnected in connectionless forms. Some examples may include Ethernet, user datagram protocol, and internet protocol.

  • Public Switched Telephone Networks.

A PSTN is a type of telephone network that is used worldwide. It connects two servers through fiber optic cables, switching centers, satellites, telephone lines, etc. An example of PSTN is a landline. The three main components of PSTN are access, switching, and transport.

  • Radio access network.

A very major type of telecommunication, RAN is a wireless network that connects several individual devices to other devices through a radio link. RAN is mostly used in areas where it is difficult for regular broadband or internet signals to reach.

How Telecommunication Has Made Our Life Easier.

Telecommunication has benefited every aspect. From business to interconnectivity, telecommunication plays a major role in making us a global village. Here are some ways how telecommunication made our life significantly easier.

  1. Better and easier communication.

The best advantage of telecommunication is the bridged communication gap. You can easily call a person in a different continent without any interruption all thanks to telecommunication.

  1.     Better business.

Telecommunication has significantly increased profits in the business market. As it allows advertising internationally, more customers are attracted to foreign businesses.

  1.     Flexible working place.

Thanks to telecommunication, now you can attend work from home. Tools such as skype, zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams, etc. allow you to join meetings and conferences from the comfort of your bed.

  1.     Saves time. 

Interconnectivity brought by telecommunication saves our time. In older days, letters used to take months to go back and forth. Now you are just one text away from your loved one.

  1.     Saves resources. 

Telecommunication is environment friendly as it saves resources. You do not need to travel long hours and waste fuel when you can stay in contact with loved ones or officials through your smartphone.



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