Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone where a person may experience severe dental trauma, infection, or tooth decay. These situations can be quite traumatizing and distressing but you should try to keep your calm and take appropriate action immediately. It is very important to take the necessary steps on time as too much delay can cause permanent damage. Common dental emergencies include problems with gum, swelling of gums, gum bleeding, broken tooth, inflammation around the wisdom tooth, broken braces, etc.

According to r&j dental, the steps to take are: 

  • Evaluate the situation: First of all, you should maintain your calm and try to assess the severity of the issue. If it is a minor issue that can be managed at home, either try to take the necessary steps yourself or seek the help of family members. However, if it requires professional help, do not seek help from anyone and rush to the nearest dental clinic immediately.
  • Inform your dentist: If you are in touch with your dentist, call his office and inform him about your situation. They will either help you with medicines on the phone or will ask you to visit the clinic for further examination.
  • In case of severe pain: If you are experiencing extreme pain in your teeth, wash your mouth with lukewarm water and try to get rid of any stuck food particles between your teeth that might be causing the pain. Moreover, you should avoid taking any medicine on your own and consult with your dentist over a call for further treatment options.
  • In case of a knocked-out tooth: When either of your teeth has been knocked out, do not try to touch the root of the teeth with a dirty hand. However, you can gently rinse it with milk or saline water. You can try to place the tooth in its socket, if possible but do not put too much pressure.
  • In case of a broken or chipped tooth: If your tooth is broken or chipped, wash your mouth with warm water and clean the area first. If you are experiencing bleeding, you can apply little pressure using a gauge. 
  • In case of lost filling or crown: In such a situation, keep your affected area clean and do not chew anything using that side.
  • Avoid self-treatment: Do not try to treat every dental issue on your own and keep yourself away from over-the-counter medicine.

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