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We’ve all heard about the importance of good health and exercise. For most of us, it’s not that we don’t want to do it. It’s that we can’t squeeze the time to hit the gym into our already jam-packed daily schedules!

It would be nice to have some fitness equipment nearby for those times when you feel like being active. But, when you live in an apartment, space is precious. Big, bulky machines stand out and get in the way.

All is not lost, though!

The best types of fitness equipment for your apartment are those that are compact or can tuck away in tight spaces.

These space-saving workout items will be at your fingertips all day, so you can exercise on your schedule, without leaving the house!

1. Resistance Bands

Possibly the smallest gym equipment you can have, resistance bands, are also one of the most versatile. They operate based on the principle of resistance, like free weights, but without the gravitational force.

As you complete an exercise with resistance bands, your muscles are fighting against the tension that is “resisting.” Unlike with the weights, the resistance occurs through all ranges of motion.

Since they’re so easy to implement, you can use them with just about any of your current exercise regimens.

For some ideas, choose your target goal from this list of routines suggested by health experts at SELF magazine:

Resistance bands are the ultimate apartment fitness workout when it comes to size. Use them, then store them away in a drawer until they’re needed again!

2. A Weight Set

Portable weight sets, like adjustable kettlebells or dumbbells, work well in a small space exercise routine. Instead of racking them on a tower and taking up valuable room, the weights tuck inside the unit. When you need to adjust the scale, just switch them out.

The adjustable kettlebells typically come in sizes up to 36 pounds, and dumbbells max out at 50 pounds.

Kettlebells and dumbbells are interchangeable for many strength training exercises. The difference is that if you need a lot of movement in your routine, kettlebells are the better choice for changing range of motion. Their bell-like shape and downward pull make them easier to swing.

Exercises to pair with these adjustable weight sets include:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Tricep presses
  • Core exercises, such as flutter kicks

When it comes to compact exercise equipment for strength training, adjustable weights are a popular choice.

3. A Folding Exercise Bike

For decades, the exercise bike has been the go-to fitness machine for home workouts. Over the years, the initial model has undergone significant makeovers.

Today’s users have a wide variety of programmable options to choose from. They also have another convenient feature: the foldable bike!

Folding mini exercise bikes are apartment-sized cardio equipment wonders. They’re lightweight and conveniently stored. After use, the bicycle collapses down into a compact carrier, and you can place it out of sight.

One of the biggest pet peeves of home exercisers is the bulkiness of their equipment. With a foldable bike, you can take it anywhere in the home quickly. Because they’re so lightweight, they’re also less expensive than their full-size counterparts.

If cardio is your target or you’re building endurance, look into the foldable exercise bike as your small home gym equipment.

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4. An Ab Trainer

There are different versions of ab trainers on the market. They all work similarly.

Some have a frame that allows the user to have more stability. Others are a grip and roll type that requires control at all times.

Still, they all work the same muscles and operate with a rolling, weighted motion. You kneel, either on the machine or the floor and use the grips to pull yourself into the desired position.

Part of the workout includes your shoulders and arms through grip strength and pull. The twisting and controlled ranges of motion target your ab muscles.

Some ab machines allow the user to add more weight with adjustable plates.

Depending on your focus, you may want an ab machine with:

The exercises that you perform will depend on the machine you choose. They’ll all give your abs, core, and arms a hardcore workout — even in a cramped space.

5. A Bosu Ball

Bosu balls are newer to the home gym market, although the idea behind them has been around for decades.

The benefits of a Bosu ball are incredible. They’ve quickly become a must-have in all gyms, including physical therapy centers.

The idea behind it is that the stability of the partial ball acts as a test of balance. You use muscles that have to work together to create stability. Unlike a regular exercise ball, the Bosu ball doesn’t slide out from under you.

Because it gives you the chance to work on your coordination without the danger of falling, it’s useful in rehabilitation exercises. But it also works well for strength training and stretching.

In fact, the Bosu ball is so ergonomically beneficial that people use it as a chair when they work from home.

Any exercise that could use more coordination building, like pressing dumbbells, you can do with a Bosu ball. When you’ve finished, store it on a closet shelf or use it to chill on while you watch TV!


Apartment-living means having to compromise and go without some things. Your home workout is not one of the areas you have to miss out on, though.

With so many compact and portable exercise equipment machines available, your health and fitness are in the best hands — yours!

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