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One of the points that must be taken into account when installing an audiovisual room is undoubtedly the necessary materials. We already saw it in the article: “What should you take into account to install an audiovisual room”. 

If we do this on our own and we don’t have much of an idea, it is easy for us to forget something important, or not to end up installing a good computer network, or for our conference room to have acoustic or network accessibility problems later. You can also visit for av equipment hire melbourne.

If we want our audiovisual room to have all the necessary means, it is important to make a list according to our needs and the characteristics of the room where we are going to place our audiovisual equipment. Let’s take into account different necessary materials.

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What materials are necessary for an audiovisual room?

Not all audiovisual rooms are designed for the same purpose; it can simply be a boardroom, where videoconferences are often held with company delegations in other cities in Spain, or with its partners, clients, or suppliers abroad. 

But it can also simply be a language lab, a video recording room, a radio studio, or many other different types of rooms. Therefore, it is difficult to answer this question in a very general sense.

What should not be missing in any audiovisual room, however, is a sound control system, even if it is analog, and if videoconferences are to be held, an effective video camera system, with excellent quality, where communication can be done smoothly and managed through appropriate video conferencing software. 

For this, the bandwidth of our Internet connection is very important, since we are talking about communications via IP.

Some typical problems caused by the lack of adequate material can be: poor image quality, difficulty in amplifying the sound from different points of the room or DE synchronization between the image and the sound, slow reception of the data and other types of difficulties.

Therefore, before creating an audiovisual room, it is important to: be proactive and take into account the possible risks during videoconferences, carry out stress tests and tests through computer applications and make sure you have a good Internet connection, preferably optical fiber.

If you are setting up your audiovisual room in your company, organization, school or any type of institution, or even in your private home, but you have doubts about how to make a good installation, we invite you to leave us your comments here or contact us through our email.

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