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With the dawn of the internet, our landscape has drastically changed in almost every aspect. A sideproduct of this is always the apparition of new industries, new businesses. This is the case of the IT outsourcing industry, due to the increase of the need for software development. Arguably some analysis shows that after we get through the COVID-19 pandemic, these industries will get even stronger.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the lending of expertise and execution of IT services. Whenever a company needs to boost its digitalization, it turns to an IT outsourcing company. This is also the case if they have a software team but need to make it bigger.

Even though the need for these kinds of services is rising, so does the competition. Hence, staying in business or even leading the industry is an incredible challenge.

Here are some things that differentiate the ones that succeed from the ones that exit the industry.

Factors that determine if companies make it

Expertise – how well you know a certain industry you will create software for? Experience certainly helps. Because knowing the industry can help an IT outsourcing company guide its client to attain its vision the fastest and most cost-efficient way. There is a difference between newcomers and companies that have been in the business.

Adaptation – how agile are you? How ready for adopting the newest technologies, how curious about industry changes and ultimately how flexible are you for change? These are the questions that define if a company will be able to adapt or will fall behind.

Marketing – since the industry has little barriers for entry, competition changes very fast. Even though strangely, the concept of marketing is still not clear for every company, it is one of the few concepts that can make a difference. If done well, it is the main catalysator for finding talented software developers and the right partner. If you believe it is an extra cost, just make a quick calculation about how much will losing business worth. And when the post-pandemic era will make its sorting, there will be fewer players in this industry as well.

Quality – it is not easy to deliver quality. And yes, there is a market for clients that don’t necessarily want it, but those are never the ones who become industry leaders if they barely survive. And none of the other factors can save you if you cannot deliver what you promised. For software projects this is more than a collaboration, it must be a partnership.

No one can tell for sure which companies can make it and which are the ones that won’t. There are too many factors, says the recent COVID-19 pandemic, that changes the games drastically. However, there are certain factors are identified in IT outsourcing companies that have been around for a while in a very competitive market.

AROBS has been around for over 20 years, developing know-how on industries as IoT, Automotive, Travel and Hospitality and Life Sciences. With around 1000 professionals in 7 international offices, it carefully chooses its partners based on future partnerships.

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