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sleeping positions during pregnancysleeping positions during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to one’s body. Once the baby bump begins to show up, the normal sleep positions no longer work for you. Week by week, you start experiencing insomnia, back pains, heartburn, shortness of breath, and other discomforts.

You may be trying hard to feel comfortable in your sleep as the abdomen grows in size. It is important to understand that your sleeping positions during pregnancy have a lot of effect on your body and the baby.

Not on Stomach                                                

It is not that unsafe to sleep on your stomach during your first trimester. But try to adjust to the safest sleeping positions to accommodate your baby’s growth. You may have slept soundly in this position before, but this position would become less desirable as you reach your second trimester.

It may be concerning if you find yourself lying on your stomach. But that doesn’t happen for longer periods because it is quite uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach with the increased belly size.

The uterus is thick enough to protect the baby even if a woman finds herself sleeping in unhealthy positions. But sleeping on your stomach is not recommendable because it is not healthy for you and your baby.

Not on Your Back Either

You need to help the blood circulation in your body and also to your baby. If you do not want complications like hemorrhoids, low blood pressure decreased circulation, etc., then understand that this is not the safest sleeping position during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your back would make it difficult for the blood vessels that run behind your uterus to circulate the blood from your legs and feet and to your heart. It would also put pressure on the organs of your body.

It would compress the vein that runs in your back and decrease oxygen flow and nutrients in your body and your baby. This, in turn, would lead to shortness of breath and troubles in your tummy.

Sleeping flat on your back for longer periods would cause you lightheadedness and dizziness. Nowadays, many women face risks of stillbirths due to unhealthy sleeping positions. However, food and lifestyle also play a major role in it.

Hence, sleeping on your back comes with many health risks and you must avoid the position, especially on your third trimester.

Sleep on Your Left

It is proven that sleeping on your left is the safest during pregnancy. It tends to be very comfortable to the mother while allowing optimum oxygen and nutrient flow. You need to prevent the excess pressure on your liver and the blocking of blood to your baby.

It also ensures your kidney health which in turn would decrease the swelling of your hands and feet. However, if that is not your favorite position, you can try adjusting them since the beginning of your first trimester.

Or you can get a pregnancy pillow that would help support your back and tummy and give you a safe and comfy side sleep. You can also have a pillow in between your knees and one propping up your belly to support it. Whatever you do, just remember that you need to prioritize your sleep during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your Right is Still not Recommended

The left side is the ideal position. But it is not mandatory to avoid sleeping on your right. Studies have shown that if you sleep on your right, there can be slight risks of compression issues with the IVC which carries deoxygenated blood from the lower part of your body to the heart.

However, comfort matters a lot so that you do not compromise on your sleep. If that is your favorite sleeping position, consider supporting your stomach with a pillow to help your body circulation.

Commonly, women often wake up finding themselves sleeping on the back, stomach, or right side. However, it is not a matter to panic because the body tends to adjust to comfortable positions while sleeping.

But if you continue to find yourself in unhealthy positions, take your partner’s help who can keep checking on you so that you can be gently moved to the left or adjust your stomach with pillows.

Sleeping soundly is not easy while adjusting to the growing belly. It can worsen sleep deprivation. Sleep positions are a concern to the health of a pregnant woman and her fetus. Finding comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy can be challenging, but it would be better to follow them once you know about the safest positions.

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