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The reformer has become one of the most popular forms of Pilates equipment for its ability to transform your body dramatically with regular use.  Pilates Studios have these machines everywhere as a common choice. Those who want to do it at home can get mobile versions from the market quickly. You could be wondering why reformer gets so much attention from everyone. You will learn about reasons and much more about this apparatus in this article.

Understanding reformer

Reformer consists of a flat, padded base (also called carriage) and a frame. The frame comes equipped with wheels to allow you to move the carriage to and fro. A group of springs joins the carriage with the reformer on one end to help create varying levels of resistance when the carriage moves back and forth within the frame. The shoulder blocks on the carriage support practitioner’s body to avoid the risk of falls and injuries. The equipment also contains a foot bar which helps users to push or pull the carriage through its support. One can use hands or feet, whatever feels comfortable. You can also see long straps on the top side of the frame for use by legs or arms.

The trainers can adjust the size of the reformer according to different body types and skill levels. People prefer this equipment to gain flexibility, strength, balance, and length. You can exercise on this base in numerous ways, such as standing, sitting, upside down, sitting atop the foot bar or shoulder blocks, fully reclining, etc. That means you can work on different parts of your body with the help of only one piece of equipment.

In this context, it is essential to note that everyone, including beginners, experienced, and experts, can use reformers with some prior training.

Benefits of reformer

First of all, reformer Pilates helps you improve your core strength, which is the most critical thing for any sportsperson. At the same time, it provides you with robust muscles and joints, coordination, and balance.

It can work as an excellent rehabilitation tool for people suffering from a knee injury or surgery. As the person can lie down on the flat base and continue doing his leg exercises through different motions, it creates lesser pressure on the body. As a result, he gets to recover faster from his condition.

The reformer Pilates allows you full-range motion, which enables you to increase your flexibility and strength. Also, your body gets the desired, sustainable length because of the scope of pulling and pushing.

The advantages are far more in number than mentioned here. You will get the first-hand experience of those while practicing your exercises on this equipment. However, make sure you train yourself at a well-established institute only, such as Tensegrity Pilates Training.  Expert and careful guidance is necessary to learn this exercising technique without causing any risk to your body. Generally, experienced trainers recommend aspirants to have some prior knowledge of Pilates so that learning on this tool becomes easy for them. That means if you have done a basic course in Pilates, then you can quickly get a chance to do this course.

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