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Themed parties are a perfect way to celebrate every annual event and important milestone. Coming up with events with a strong visual theme, which can inspire attendees to whip out cameras, is a surefire way for parties to spread like wildfire on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

If you have never hosted an event before, here are themed-parties you can throw for your loved one this year:

  • Life Celebration Party

Ideas for celebrating life parties are similar to retirement, birthday, and anniversary. Throwing a celebration life party can be an excellent opportunity to gather family members and friends to have fun and honor the deceased of a loved one. 

The idea here is to celebrate a family member or friend’s life instead of mourning their death. You can throw the party in a park, banquet hall, restaurant/bar, community center, or beach.

  • Backyard Engagement Party

Rather than renting a glamorous event space, you can host the engagement party in a backyard. Whether a friend will lend you a patio or you have a backyard fit for entertainment, you can bring your loved ones together with an ‘I Do BBQ.’

Be sure to set up a picnic-style dinner with amazing home-style food and deck out the space using romantic string lights. You might also incorporate a few fun lawn games, such as Bocce ball or cornhole, to have a true backyard party.

  • Halloween

Halloween may seem somehow different this year, but it doesn’t mean you should not celebrate. Whether you prefer celebrating it six feet apart or virtually, there are a lot of ways to keep things creeping on this year while wearing your ant man costume.

This may include setting up hand sanitizer stations for guests to access easily. You may also decorate the station to match all your decors or include festive signs to keep mood lights, like ‘ward off evil spirits.’

  • Christmas

It cannot be Christmas without a party. If you can’t celebrate Christmas with people inside your bubble or household, make sure you reconnect by modifying a few themes for a virtual zoom party.

Whether you prefer your loved ones to dress like the Grinch, host a countrified party, relax in the comfiest pajamas, or harmonize to the best melodies, there are many party themes, which can make the get-together feel original and fun. This may include giving gifts, having ladies’ night, hosting a talent show, and hanging out at a fireside.

  • Fiesta

If you want a relaxing and fun party, a Mexican fiesta can be a great option.

You may chop up every taco opening you may think of, surprise your loved ones with a piñata full of candy, and deck out your dining room in a colored streamer. You can read more about male strip clubs .

In a Nutshell!

Whichever theme party you prefer, ensure that it is clear to those attending before they turn up. Always make sure the theme you go for is not vague and can be something all your guests might have knowledge of or interest in.

Immediately you match your invitation with your theme, it can also be worthwhile to include a few suggestions regarding costumes. You can request your guests to put on costumes, which will create momentum for the party before they turn up.

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