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Everyone comes in the gambling industry to win and make more and more money. But, some of the people are in the gambling industry who have made history in losing money. These people are famous with the name of big money losers. All the people strive to win meager profits in history but a small percentage of the players have become rich through gambling and casino online( คาสิโนออนไลน )

The biggest winners are remembered for their wonderful playing techniques and luck. Unfortunately, some big winners lack in the latter category. Most of the players have won but they have lost their amount because they could not handle the amount due to their inability. Learn more about gambling on gclub slot(จีคลับ สล็อต )Here is a list of Money losers, in the world of gambling.


  • Harry Kakavas


He never worried about money. The real-estate developer was highly famous and his estimated worth was about one billion by selling his lavish homes. But, like several other people, he was filthy rich and it seemed that he had tired of winning. So, he started betting in casinos. He was not good at gambling so he started losing money in gambling. Soon, he lost his billionaire status and he was defeated on the baccarat tables. He was unhappy with his luck, so he moved to Las Vegas and because he hoped for better but things did not change and nothing goes better. In 2006, in a single Vegas session, he lost $ 164 million. He did not discuss his losses and spent several years in casinos to sue several casinos. He lost all of his money and assets.

  • Jack McCall

He is one of the famous losers on this list. In fact, he killed a gambler Wild Bill Hickok over the poker game. So, he found guilty of murder and punished to death. On March 1st, 1877, he was hanged till death.

  • Terrance Watanabe

He was a successful man businessman and the CEO of Oriental Trading. He grew the company at the point where it sold $300 million annually. He thought to ease and enjoyed his luck after selling his company. On all casinos, he was welcomed warmly and he started gambling. In 2007, his losses hit a peak and he dropped over $ 120 million. Gradually, he started losing in the casinos and he could not recover the debts. Caesars Palace sued him for bounced checks. He started drug addiction later and The Nevada Gaming Commission came with blame that he sexually harassed waitress in drug addiction. He ended up this mess by settling with Caesars out of the court for a handsome amount.

He has lost over $127 million in Caesars Palace and the Rio casino in 2007. Well, casino and slots can make you rich or make you lose a lot of your money as well. 

  • Safa Abdullah Al Geabury

He was a Swiss businessman and a wealthy person who denied to cover his debts of betting. He was the owner of the Islamic Art collection that has a value of about $1 billion. At London’s Ritz, he got a huge marker and earned billions of dollars. When it came time to pay Marker, he refused to pay. He had lost about 2.2 million pounds but he ignored to pay back this amount. He was sued by the casino and he lost everything which he had earned.

  • Arnold Rothstein

He was a legendry gambler and a bookmaker. He made his luck by winning sports betting and poker games. However, he earned most of his amount by match-fixing. He lost too much on a poker game that he invented on his own. After that, he refused to pay the debt and murdered by a gangster for money recovery.

  • Leonard Tose

He was a successful business owner who went down the wrong way with high betting stakes. He earned twenty million dollars and his company was at the peak of success. He lost a handsome amount and sued the casinos for the bases that they served him free drinks and motivated him for gambling. He lost these lawsuits.

  • Ryzan

He was the DFS pros in the middle of the 2000s. He won through gambling in football in 2015. Feeling good about his gambling expertise, he started betting. To fund his starting bankroll, he used his credit cards. It led to increase in credit card interest and decrease bankroll. He lost all his financial worth soon.


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