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 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android  1.greenify app should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it! Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps! Greenify NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to automate things. IMPORTANT: Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that all the background functionality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message) of this app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app. NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you don’t rely on them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely. Note: Greenify does need a background running service for auto-hibernation to work. It is designed and implemented in extremely lightweight, with an average RAM footprint less than 5M, and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption. 2.SHhutapp apps: ► Auto shut down background apps. Closed apps will not restart. Way boost battery life. These are what make ShutApp an extraordinary battery saver. ► Features: Perhaps the best battery-saving app available today! * One tap and quickly close battery-draining apps. Closed apps will not get restart. * Auto shut down background apps on unrooted phones. * Block data flow when phone is not in use and only apps in active list have access to network. (This feature requires to install Doze, the other app developed by us.) * Receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall * Save on data usage over cellular network by closing unwanted apps. * Easy lookup to see what apps are running and quickly stop them with one tap. * Whitelist option available to exclude apps from hibernation. * Find great apps you like in AppCafe which updates every day. Unlike any other battery-saving applications, ShutApp saves your battery life in a unique but quite effective way. It detects and shuts down lurking background apps on your android phones or tablets. In this way, ShutApp makes huge difference to your battery life. Tests show that keep apps from running in background is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to boost battery. That’s why we call ShutApp a real battery saver. With pro-level battery management that is way better than other apps, you can now really master of your device and vastly improve battery life. permission setting: ShutApp will only work when allowed via the Accessibility settings on your device. Please follow the prompt upon launching this battery saver. ► Notices 1. Due to the limitation of our resources and complexity of ROM, we cannot cover all devices but we are trying our best to test on Android devices as many as possible. If ShutApp does not work properly on your device, please contact us immediately so that we can find a solution for you. 2. The percentage of battery and network data saved is calculated on the basis of an algorithm developed by us. It is not 100% accurate but we are working on it to improve it. 3. Google allows Android apps to work in the background. ShutApp does not mean to interrupt all background apps but for the ones that do not need to be working in the background, ShutApp can help you shut down them to avoid consuming more battery or network data. 4. ShutApp will obtain your IMEI number (it is a device serial number NOT personal data) in order to get demographics and stats of app usage so that we can improve it targetedly. The IMEI information will be protected. 5. All the apps recommended in AppCafe are free, some of which includes in-app purchase. If in the future we recommend paid apps, we will indicate on the page. We disclaim any liability for any damages, losses or other claims arising from your download and use of a recommended app. 3.Mnochrome andriod app: Monochrome automatically turns on monochrome (or black & white) mode when your battery is low, to further reduce display power consumption when your battery level is low. This means your device can last longer when its battery is low. Monochrome is triggered when your device’s battery level hits the LOW level as defined by the OEM (usually 15%) and Monochrome is triggered again when your battery level hits the OKAY level (usually 30%) as defined by the OEM. When your battery level reaches the LOW state, Monochrome is turned on and when your battery level reaches the OKAY state, Monochrome is turned off. This is all done automatically so you don’t have to manage anything. Monochrome also works on the GPU level, so Monochrome does not implement a hidden/invisible view on top of apps to enforce black and white colors. This means Monochrome does not run in the background and/or constantly monitor your battery level, it’s only activated when your battery reaches LOW or OKAY states and after enabling/disabling B/W mode on the GPU level, Monochrome simply exits. Why isn’t it allowed to define your own battery percentage values to trigger Monochrome on/off? This is because if the user was allowed to define the battery percentage values themselves, then the app will have to constantly run in the background and monitor changes to battery level, which will have a negative effect on battery life. Monochrome takes advantage of two system broadcasts: android.intent.action. BATTERY_LOW and android.intent.action.BATTERY_OKAY which are sent when the battery level is LOW and OKAY respectively. By taking advantage of these broadcasts, Monochrome is only triggered twice, instead of constantly monitoring changes in background and activating/deactivating when the battery level hits a user specified amount. This prevents Monochrome from having a negative effect on the overall device battery life. Monochrome requires ROOT. If you are NOT ROOTED then you need to manually grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission to the app by executing the following ADB command: adb -d shell pm grant com.suyashsrijan.lowbatterymonochrome android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS 4: Doze andriod app : We all know that data is one of the biggest power drain. If you keep your data on all the day, apps can run out of full battery even without using your phone. When screen is off, Doze prevents your apps from sending or receiving data without disabling your Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G data. In this way it adds more hours to standby time and makes significant difference to battery life. Apps can resume normal activity when screen is on. It’s different from Power-saving mode in Android Lollipop (Android 5). 1. If you enable power-saving mode in Lollipop, it turns off you data and only when you manually open the apps can they receive data again. Doze is different. When your screen is on, apps can resume normal activity. You do not need to check them out one by one. 2. Doze supports Android 4.1 or above. In the long run it will support more Android versions. Power-saving mode is available in Android 5 only. It’s different from Doze feature of Android M. 1. Doze feature in Android M activate only when your phone/tablet is unplugged, stationary for more than 30 minutes and has the screen off. You can activate Doze from YirgaLab anytime. By contrast, it’s much easier to activate. 2. Doze from YirgaLab supports more Android versions. In all, it’s an improved and more powerful feature based on Google Doze. Doze app will not interfere with Marshmallow’s Doze feature. They can work together. How to keep an app active when in Doze with screen off? In the recent update, We add an active list feature. Apps added to the active list are active in doze mode. 5.amplify: Requires Root Amplify puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling how often your device can wake up, and how long it can stay awake. Use the recommended settings for easy battery savings, or dig in and customize every alarm, service, and wakelock on your device. Here are some highlights: – A beautiful design, inspired by Material Design principles – A stable blocking engine – Comprehensive measuring of the time wasted and time saved because of alarms and wakelocks – A growing list of descriptions of the alarms, services, and wakelocks in plain English (and 20 other languages) – A new Pro package that lets you control any alarm or wakelock on the device – An open source codebase so you can see how it works, or build it yourself The In-App purchases allow you to unlock the Pro package that lets you customize the alarms, services, and wakelocks on your deviceWithout the pro package, you can control the worst battery hogs: NlpWakelock, NlpCollectorWakeLock, ALARM_WAKEUP_LOCATOR, and ALARM_WAKE_ACTIVITY_DETECTION. May you have a long [battery] life! – Amplify uses the Xposed Framework and will install it for you if you don’t already have it. – 6 .Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster Boost mobile battery life – for every charge… with our FREE battery life extender app Now, you can boost mobile battery life… spend less time with your Android device attached to its battery charger… and get more out of your mobile life – without constant concerns about low battery level. Kaspersky Battery Life is the FREE battery saver tool that helps you boost mobile battery life for your Android phones and tablets. It automatically monitors every app that’s running on your devices… lets you know which apps are consuming the most energy… tells you how many minutes of battery life are left… and helps you shut down unnecessary apps. The battery saver that puts you in control Every app that’s running on your device is continually monitored – even apps that are running in the background. You can stop any apps that are using too much energy – while ensuring your favorite apps keep running. With Kaspersky Battery Life, you can spend more time getting on with the things you want to do… and less time worrying about low battery level. Watches out for ‘hungry’ apps If one of your apps suddenly starts to use more energy than it usually does, you’ll get an automatic alert – so you can decide whether to halt that app. Gives you a more accurate prediction of battery life Because Kaspersky Battery Life is continually monitoring each app’s energy consumption, it keeps a very close watch on your device’s battery level… to give you a more accurate prediction of how much charge is left in your device’s battery – in hours and minutes. Boost mobile battery life for your Android devices… get Kaspersky Battery Life – the FREE battery saver app. Currently Android 7.0 and 8.0 are not supported 7.servicely app: Remember that time when your device lost 50% of battery life during the night because a gazillion services from careless apps kept keeping your device awake and you have no way to disable them? Or when Facebook kept waking up your phone for no reason and you find no way to fix it other than uninstalling it? Servicely to the rescue! First of all make sure you’re ROOTED (it won’t work otherwise). You’ll be able to select which apps will be put to sleep when the display goes off. Magic! You can also disable/enable permanently any service on your device. It’s useful if you have services that tend to auto-restart and keep your device awake, or if you have games sending you never-ending notifications. 8.procesguru lite app: Battery life and performance have become a daily struggle for many of us. Whether you have 10 apps or 100, you may have unnecessary processes stealing life from your battery, and destroying your device’s performance potential. Other everyday services such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can also be a detriment. ProcessGURU has several management protocols that can be configured individually, and also highlights what apps may be suspected issues so that you may uninstall and avoid those types of apps in the future. ProcessGURU is not your typical task killer. Task killers historically have had no real intelligence or specificity in what it takes action on, thus actually hurting your battery life instead of helping. Unlike the others, ProcessGURU not only intelligently selects what is acted upon, but also manages other aspects of the android system and hardware interactions that can potentially cause issues. 9.pixel off: Some AMOLED screen powered devices are able to “turn off” those pixels which are showing black colour. This app will let you to turn off some pixels in order to save your appreciate battery by showing very small black points. As newer devices comes with very high density screens those points will be insignificant to the user´s sight and will be offset by lower spending battery 1o.Deepsleep battery saver: Deepsleep battery saver constantly puts the device to deepsleep mode while screen off During deepsleep mode, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. It then constantly wakes up in order to download email, sync Facebook status, etc,. It’s defined by deepsleep frequency and woke up duration In advanced mode (PRO), you can customize more parameters, including day/night settings, active period, screen timeout, sync strategy, ignored apps, etc, Features ☆ 5 pre-defined profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, Slumberer. They varies on frequency, duration and other settings. The former is less disruptive, but save less battery and vise versa ☆ Custom profile (PRO) – for advanced users. If you need more customization, select this profile and modify it ☆ Custom profile settings – Separate between weekday vs weekend settings – Frequency: device is turned on DS mode at a selected frequency – Duration: device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle – Wileless & network: control radio setting during DS on – Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account, auto-sync – Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during DS on – CPU: Process twist – root only – Night period: During this period, device is always in DS mode ☆ General settings – Screen off delay: a short delay before DS start. This option is used to avoid quick screen toggles – Whitelist: Apps are always ignored when DS on, such as online music player – Ingored recent apps: ignore recent apps – Use APN settings: twist 3G/4G/mobile data toggler – Check background data: If selected, it will ignore DS mode if traffic is above a defined threshold – Traffic threshold & traffic sampling frequency ☆ Tasker plugin, Locale plugin Notice ☆ During deep sleep mode on, this app may disrupt your normal activities, such as your email notification comes with larger delay ☆ If your setting (ex. Wifi) is off, DS Battery Saver does not control it during DS mode on This app uses the Device Administrator permission.]]>

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