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When it comes to eye makeup, using the right technique is just as essential as the products. And, undeniably, mascara is one such eye makeup product that can brighten up any face instantly. Making your eyes look sharper and full of life, mascara is a must-have in every makeup bag. Your best friend for the days when you don’t want to spend too much time on makeup, mascara makes it possible for you to carry any look effortlessly. 

Be it a glam makeup or a minimalist one, no look is complete without mascara make up. However, if not applied correctly, your mascara eye makeup may go clumpy or get smudged. This is exactly where having a few tips and hacks under your sleeves can help you achieve a look that screams, ‘Luscious lashes.’ 

From coating both sides of your eyes to mixing and matching, here’s a list of mascara makeup hacks that will leave everyone thinking about what has gotten you looking oh so glam: 


  • Wiggle and Roll Your Way Through


Contrary to popular belief, just a simple swipe of mascara is not enough. While applying mascara, use the brush in a zigzag motion. Avoid applying a coat of mascara on only the eyelashes’ tips as it may result in clumps. Instead, wiggle the mascara brush starting at the base of the lashes before moving towards the top. Wiggling the mascara brush at the lash line also gives the impression of a black liner, only accentuating your eyes more!


  • Coat Both Sides of Your Eye Lashes


Have you always been applying mascara in one direction? If so, you are forgetting about the other half of the process – coating both sides of your lashes! 

To get the super-thick-lashes look, you must coat both sides of your eyelashes. Start with looking downwards to coat the back of your lashes, then look upwards and wiggle the mascara brush on the upper side of the lashes. Lending you a doe-eyed look, coating both sides also ensures your mascara makeup will get you through the day! 


  • Mixing-And-Matching Your Mascara


Using just one mascara is overrated. And, why limit yourself to only one mascara, especially when you have the option to cherry-pick from a wide range of options? 

If you want the doll-eyed look, you need a mascara makeup product that can lengthen, thicken and curl your lashes. Unless you use an all-in-one mascara makeup product, you can surely try combining different mascara. While you are at it, don’t forget to wipe the mascara wands clean to make sure you always have clump-free lashes!


  • Wipe off any Excess Mascara Makeup


Don’t we all hate it when our mascara wands pick more product than is required? Sure, you can’t control the quantity of product the wand picks up. But you can gently scrape off the extra mascara by rubbing the wand on the edge of the tube before you apply it to your eyelashes. Doing so makes sure that your mascara eye makeup session is less messy and that you can get clump-free lashes.

Picking The Right Product

Learning some easy-to-do hacks and tips about mascara eye makeup is a good idea. However, knowing which mascara is suitable for your lashes can take your styling game to the next level. You will find an ocean of options to choose from, with different colors, textures, performance, and brands. 

Only use premium-quality mascara makeup products from trusted brands, so you look great every time while keeping your eyes safe. Explore a new-age, top-of-the-line makeup collection from brands like SERY Cosmetics that offers a range of eye makeup products, including mascara with a stunning fiber brush and highly voluminous formula for a gorgeous you!

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