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Brain Abnormalities

Our brain is among the most delicate organs that take control over the entire body. The average weight of a brain is just around 3 pounds which is only 2% of the entire body’s weight. Despite the small size, it requires 15-20% of blood supplied throughout the body. This powerful organ develops with age the way you utilize it. It is essential to engage in mental exercises to keep your mind sharp. However, imposing too much pressure may result in disorders that can be temporary or permanent too. Majority of the world’s population is currently suffering from various mental disorders. The interesting thing about it is, almost everyone is unaware and continuously living his/her life with a potential threat. One of the widely spreading mental health abnormalities of current times is Anxiety. 

Why people remain unaware of anxiety or hide it publically?

Your mental health is something different from the rest of the body. The brain is a complex organ that comprises a lot of unexplored mysteries. Medical science is still not capable of understanding many complications with the mind. This is the main reason why you see serious cases of mental illness remain unsolved for the entire life of a patient. Until the problem becomes severe, we never pay attention to its potential threats. We take mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, sudden mood swinging & phobias as a normal part of life. These conditions are completely different from your illnesses like fever, cold, nausea or vomiting. A person cannot realize that anxiety is gradually grasping them internally. They become familiar to a mental abnormality and start considering it as a part of life. Even if some of them realize, they hesitate to accept it publically. It becomes a general perception that a person suffering from mental illness is not fit for living in a civilized society. The horrific stories of mental asylums are also among the big reasons why most of the mentally ill people ignore their treatment. Here is some important information to understand all aspects of anxiety that may be ruining your life.  

Anxiety disorders, its symptoms and serious consequences to know

Anxiety is a common feeling that everyone experiences in some special circumstances. Situations like a road accident, drowning, an encounter with predator animal & torture obviously makes everyone anxious. 

Suddenly, blood pressure rises and a person starts feeling apprehensive, worried and nervous. It is normal if you are getting anxious because of a particular reason but some people are different. A person suffering from anxiety disorder experience this situation more frequently than normal. Without even a specific reason, it becomes difficult for them to react normally while communicating or just sitting. After extensive research, doctors concluded 8 types of anxieties in human being i.e. 

  1. Panic disorder
  2. Generalized anxiety disorder
  3. AgoraPhobia
  4. Social Anxiety 
  5. Selective Mutism
  6. Specific Phobia
  7. Separation anxiety
  8. Post traumatic stress disorder

Anxiety is basically an instinct of human beings developed thousands of years ago when we were living in the wild. Incoming potential threats of getting harmed releases a high amount of adrenalin that makes us anxious. In some people, it turns into a serious disorder. You can identify a person suffering from anxiety from the following symptoms:- 

  1. Various difficulties in sleeping 
  2. Feeling unnecessarily worried without control over the mind
  3. Always remaining restless
  4. Getting irritated on small things
  5. Feeling difficulty in concentration
  6. Avoiding social interactions (especially with unknown people)
  7. Rapid heartbeat
  8. Strongly avoiding something that triggers your anxiety
  9. Repetitive behavior
  10. Increase in sweating 

It is not necessary to experience all these symptoms if you are suffering from anxiety. Different types of anxieties become apparent with different symptoms. Rather than visiting immediately to a men & women’s mental health psychotherapist, you can try to control it at home by following some easy methods as mentioned below. 

Major reasons for Anxiety disorder 

  1. Environmental impact is the biggest reason behind stressful life. A person going through relationship bitterness, workload or family issues can be the victim of anxiety. 
  2. This disorder is also passed from one generation to another through genetic transfer. 
  3. A drug addict in a rehabilitation center can also suffer from anxiety disorder due to the withdrawal of illicit substance. 
  4. Some medication courses also imply a negative impact on our mental health. If you are consuming depression treatment medicines without proper medical prescription, it results in anxiety. 
  5. Chemical fluctuation in the persisting hormonal disorder can also be the cause of your anxiety. 

Preventive Measures 

Always remember that anxiety is a natural feeling which is harmless until you are not experiencing it frequently. If the symptoms mentioned above are presissting, you can reduce the impact by following these simple techniques. 

  1. A healthy diet including probiotics and green vegetables can reduce the risk of anxiety. 
  2. Quitting alcohol consumption & nicotine substances is also helpful.
  3. Learn stress management through online lessons. It will surely help you in suppressing anxiety triggers. 
  4. Deep breathing, yoga postures and other meditation techniques are also helpful. 

Treatment methods 

Professional help is necessary if your personal life is ruining and preventive measures are not helping anymore. A proficient psychiatrist can treat you with 

  • anti-anxiety medications

A proficient psychiatrist prefers Benzodiazepines, Tricyclics & antidepressant drugs to take control over anxiety. They also combine additional drugs such as 

  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • beta-blockers 
  • buspirone

            according to the condition of a particular patient. 

  • cognitive behavioral therapy 

The cognitive behavior therapy aka CBT is useful in healing various mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder & anxiety. The main purpose of this therapy is to change the harmful thoughts pattern in a patient. It is very helpful in the prevention of panic attacks & heart attacks. 

  • Detoxification

Therapies like kaiser detox program are generally used in drug rehab centers but they are also helpful in countering anxiety disorder. 

If you are expecting the fastest results, it is advisable to combine meditation, natural detoxification & medication programs altogether. Before choosing a social anxiety disorder treatment center, always check their service list & get at least 2 consultation sessions.

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