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Swimming, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling are all water sports, to name a few. They are all activities done on water bodies like lakes, rivers, seas (mostly in beaches) with proper gear and equipment as a source of fun and recreation as well as serious sports. Water sports is an area of recreation that has been gaining prominence in recent times. People prefer taking a trip down to the nearest beach, river or lake in a weekend and rejuvenate, unwind and boost themselves up. Engaging in water sports is rather beneficial in terms of health and fitness. It helps burn calories quickly, tone the body, improves metabolism, reduces the risk of several diseases, improves the state of mind and is a calming and soothing process. Overall it enhances the lifestyle we lead and steers it towards a healthy routine.

Water sports for kids

This is especially favourable to kids who can imbibe these benefits at an early stage in life so as to lead a healthy life. Water is one of their many amusements and water sports is an exciting and satisfying way to spend their time. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure their safety and take all measures to prevent mishaps. It is accordingly essential to have all the necessary equipment and gear for the respective sport along with professional/ adult guidance and support in order to have a good experience while engaging in it.

Equipment for kids

Some of the water sports that kids can actively enjoy and take part in include- swimming, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling and diving. Some of the basic accessories for kids that these sports require are as follows.

1)Swimming equipment

The major and basic requirement for any water athletics would be proper swimming gear. Not only is it essential for swimming but also surfing, bodyboarding, snorkelling, diving and so on. It helps in quick and smooth sensation in water so that one can resist the water current and pull and keep swimming. The swimsuit would be sleek and of a fabric which would not retain water in it so as to not drag the swimmer down by increasing the weight on their body. This includes swimming trunks for boys and suits for girls. If it is specifically for swimming, swimming caps would also be necessary. For more safety earplugs are also available to prevent water from entering the ears.

2) Goggles

Goggles are worn to protect the eyes from entering of water, foreign particles, etc. It prevents damage to the eyes and also provides clear vision in the water. While swimming, diving, and even surfing, wearing goggles would help keep water away from the eyes, thereby reducing its pain. This would be a vital requirement for kids.

3) Boogie boards

Boogie boards or bodyboards are a rectangular piece of foam that helps keep the user afloat in the water and are a kind of support system for them. Used primarily during surfing and swimming, kids can use quality boogie boards by placing their body on it partially and then paddling forward. Used by beginners in swimming pools and to help catch the waves while surfing.

4) Surfboard Foamie

As the name implies, surfboard foam is a surfboard made out of foam. The soft material of the foam helps catch the waves easily while surfing and also protect the kids from injury during rough patches. The surfboard foaming is also quite stable in water. The material also makes it rather buoyant, which gives a boost and makes manoeuvring easier in the water.


Snorkelling is a sport of swimming underwater which requires a swimming gear, a snorkel and swim fins on an elementary grade. A snorkel is used for breathing underwater. It is a mask worn on the face which protects the eyes and has a tube attached which assists in breathing.

In expansion to the listed accessories and appliances for kids, there are several others which can be utilised for better experience and comfort while engaging in water activities for leisure or sport. For example, pool floats which are available in different versions can be used. Some can be worn on the arms, some are of the sitting or lying down kind wherein the floats act as a support to help float in the water and prevent drowning. Floats come in different shapes and sizes which can be picked based on the requirement. Life jackets are also extremely essential while kayaking or canoeing as there is a risk of falling into the water if the waves are high and rough. All the accessories and equipment used should be of good quality to be beneficial.

Privileges for kids

These water sports would provide the kids with new experiences and exposure. It serves a learning experience as well with snorkelling, diving etc. wherein they can explore the wonders under the surface of the water. At the same time, these water sports also teach them important life skills the most fundamental of which is swimming. In the process, kids also become physically fit and strong as tackling water requires skill and power. Water sports teaches kids numerous techniques and tricks to handle water in different circumstances. It improves their metabolism, endurance and confidence. It adds to their character and also helps develop social skills. The involvement of kids in outdoor activities increases rather than indoors. In this way, quality time can be spent with family as well. It is also essential to note that while kids engage in watersports, they need to have sufficient guidance from professionals or adults in the field. They need constant supervision and cannot be left to manage on their own until well trained. The rules and regulations for safety need to be followed without lax.

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