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Friends of Professional Wedding DJ (DJ for classy wedding parties in Italy 2021 is over, and here we are with the best music of the year. For many people, this has been a difficult year because of COVID-19. But with your help, we have been able to plan many beautiful weddings that have been safe and fun. So, we want to say thank you to our spouses. This is why. So now, let’s look at the playlistthat we have played the most at ProfessionalWeddingDJ events, to which you can be inspired to have a selection of class at your wedding too Woo. Very excited about this!!!

The year that just came to an end didn’t have a lot of segments that could be used to show off things like the first singing and dancing or the cutting of the cake. However, 2021 was more “generous” for music to dance to). Lorde, on the other hand, has “Solar Power,” which is a beautiful and angelic piece that we think is great for cutting the cake or for the first dance. This artist also gave us “Royals” in 2013. If “Shivers” by Ed Sheeran isn’t the right song for you and your partner’s first dance, it’s still a love song in every way, or you may check out other Ed Sheeran love songs to play at your wedding.

It’s not just the “key moments” that are important when it comes to wedding music. It’s important for the whole party, from the aperitifs to the dancing, to have good music. There will be a lot of things from 2021 that we will keep for a long time. Here are some.

They were both “big names” last year. Justin Bieber, with Peaches, made a very interesting comeback. It was a piece of class, and it had a lot of groove in it. Were you, in 2021, a fan of “Smokin’ Out the Window”? It was made by Bruno Mars: It had a softly rhythmic melody and a vintage and “warm” feel to it.

It didn’t come out in 2021, but it’s still in the top ten (eighth place) of the songs that people listen to the most on Spotify (the world’s most popular streaming service): we are talking about Blinding Lights, by the best singers for weddings The Weekend. Last year, The Weeknd took over the most important part of the show, the halftime show. He will be in Milan in December 2022 for a concert. This artist is often the center of attention at ProfessionalWeddingDJ wedding events. He has a wide range of sounds that are perfect for many situations.

As for Spotify, the most-streamed song is “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, but it doesn’t tell you much about what people like to listen to, for the weddings. The second most-streamed song is “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X, and the third most-streamed artist is “Bad Bunny,” who released his album “El ultimo tour del Mundo” at the end of 2021. (withJhay Cortez).

Besides that, who else is there? Although the album “Future Nostalgia” came out in 2019, “Levitating”by DuaLipawas the fifth most-listened-to song of all time. “Love Again” was also a big hit this summer ( it used a sample from White Town’s “Your Woman.”).

Also, the Maneskin won the Sanremo Festival, which brought them a lot of positive luck. Mick Jagger opened the Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas with the Maneskin, and they are the most popular Italian artists in the world, with more than 2 billion Spotify streams (many by US users). Because of this, we think that some of their pieces will be asked for at some American weddings.

  1. This is the part where we talk about dance and house music. It’s just right for the part about dancing. The year 2021 has brought revival music back into the spotlight but in a new way. A group of people called The Cassettes made a 2021 version of a song by Gloria Gaynor called “I Will Survive.” It’s called “My Way.” “Rasputin” by the Majestic was the real show-stopper on the dance floor. They did the Boney M song in a modern way.

Even Purple Disco Machine doesn’t hide how old-fashioned they are. In the last year, they had hits like “Hypnotized,” “Fireworks,” and “Dopamine,” which show that they haven’t forgotten how to party. And what about Bob Sinclar and Kungs? If you’ve seen Bob Sinclar’s video in which the set and DJs’ clothes look like they came straight from a 1980s video clip, you’ll know what I mean. These two songs are both very good.

In any case, real records from the 70s and 80s often play a big role in how well a wedding party goes. Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Santa Esmeralda, Madonna, Chic, and a lot of other people are real landmarks. Of course, each party is unique and has a different group of people. People who are very young and have a lot of young friends tend. To focus on the songs that are popular at the time.

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