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Attendance management software

Change is inevitable, and the attendance system software is no exception. Initially, it was the age of attendance registers, then came punching cards, then began card-swapping, then fingerprint, and now finally, it is the age of GPS-enabled apps and biometric systems. Yes, the modern attendance system uses biometric attendance system software and geo-attendance!

Let’s get to know about these features so that you can make your company future-ready!

What Is The Modern Biometric Attendance System Software?

The biometric attendance system is where an employee uses biometrics such as fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, voices, typing cadence, etc. to punch-in attendance. For example, you use facial recognition for attendance. Now the software needs the details of your face in its system, which it matches with your face to mark your attendance.

How Does It Work?

The system scans your face and stores its coordinates. Now, whenever you come near the scanner, it matches your coordinates with your scan already present in its database and marks the attendance. And most importantly, it is entirely safe as it does not store your scan but only the coordinates. So, the system cannot use your facial biometrics to do a fraud with your bank account!

This was a biometric attendance system. 

And a biometric attendance system software is one that stores, manages, and controls all this attendance data captured by the system. For example, it manages how much time your employee spent in the office, extends it to the payroll software, and does a lot more!

HR Software empowers you to record your employees’ first and last punch and other raw punches. This ensures you know their actual working hours, which other non-reliant methods cannot provide you!

What Is Geo-Attendance?

Geo-attendance is when an employee can mark attendance through GPS. This technique is very beneficial in the case of remote employees and employees who are always on the move.

Many salespeople do not even have desks in the office, and it is a waste of their time and energy to visit the office only to mark attendance in the register. And also, it is hard to track whether they went to the client’s location or not. Also, there are multiple challenges with trying to monitor remote employees’ attendance! Geo-attendance is an effective solution to these problems.

How Does It Work?

Geo-attendance works based on geo-fencing and geo-marking. 

Geo-fencing is basically when you demarcate geographical location over maps, and your employee can only mark their attendance when they are inside the demarcated periphery. The admin marks this periphery on the maps in the attendance management module. This periphery is known as the geo-fence and is a virtual boundary defined by a location’s longitude, latitude, and radius.

Now, the employee will be able to mark its attendance only when within this geo-fence, solving problems of remote employees, salespeople, managers, and many others!

Geo-marking is comparatively simpler. It simply allows you to mark your attendance along with your location coordinates. The attendance software stores the coordinates, and the manager can check the location from where the employee has marked their attendance.

How Is Cloud-Based HR Software A Key Technology?

Cloud-based HR software is a crucial technology link that helps implement both these technologies.

Biometric attendance system software works better with cloud-based HR Software as it stores all the employee punches and calculates the accurate total working hours. 

These hours are then stored on a cloud. Where your payroll software can access them to calculate your employees’ payroll, moreover, your employees can also access their work hours and leaves data on their own.

At the same time, Geo-attendance has cloud technology at its core. It cannot work without cloud-based software. Employees need a mobile app for this feature, which is impossible with an on-premise legacy system.

Attendance management software, much like HROne, empowers you to record your employee’s attendance using both geo-fencing and geo-marking! It brings new hopes for the modern workforce challenges. Care for a free demo?

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