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Software Developer

When we talk about developers, we are always focused on front-end, back-end, full-stack, or mobile development for apps and web solutions. But, being a software developer is a lot more than that. You can choose different career paths, becoming a mentor or trainer, business analyst, QA engineer, no-code developer, technical support, product manager, security analyst, and many other options.

As you can see, being a software developer doesn’t mean you need to stick to software development. You can find many more valid career options you are eligible to work on, even if you want to be a teacher or simply write on related technical topics. Also, it’s easy to find many offers, so take a look at to learn more about them.

1. No-Code App Development

You can easily start a career as a no-code developer. There are visual programming languages and no-code platforms on environments you can use for this. They use pre-ready pieces of code and app elements, and you only have to assemble them and execute the app.

It’s great for the developers who are tired of continuous coding and looking for practical solutions. But, even though it’s less demanding than the usual software development, no-code app building can be a complete job position that’s well-paid by the companies looking for visual developers.

2. Technical Recruiter

The usual HR specialists may not estimate the technical skills of the candidate. That’s why there are technical interviews every time a company has a job opening, whether they are looking for java developers for hire or laravel developers for hire.

Trained software developers can recognize the technical skills of the candidate. Their role is to help the recruiters decide who to hire for the open position while running a technical interview or to test the candidate.

3. Technical Writers

Content writers are great, but sometimes, they can’t really handle some technical tasks. Being a technical writer requires deep knowledge of the topic and understanding the different aspects of being a software developer.

Sometimes, readers need some specific niche, and they can’t find it on news websites. Technical writing is not only explaining why you use some specific programming language or framework. It covers many aspects like technical copywriting, tutorials, documentation, and blogging. So, when someone wants to find out technical information about some career or anything coding-related, they can find your content.

It will help them understand what companies are looking for when they say they are looking for Android or ios developers for hire or they need a visual programmer for new projects. Technical writing is important, and trained software developers can handle it best.

4. Product and/or Project Manager

Product managers monitor the entire software development process, from the initial idea until the app is launched. It also includes planning, finances, and task delegation.

Software developers can also be great in project management roles, which is something bigger than the product itself. We can say that it’s less challenging than being a product manager. The project management includes:

  • Resolving everyday issues
  • Running a procurement process
  • Determining the budget
  • Using the resources properly
  • Managing the whole team and their performance

In some cases, one person can handle both roles.

Software Developer

5. Quality Assurance

QA engineers test the software before it’s officially launched. They test different functionalities and see how it goes. QA engineers are usually talented developers who are not tired of performing repetitive tasks, so they can catch any tiny detail that may cause issues later. They test the code but also the completed project before it goes live.

Many companies already hire QA engineers, and even though it doesn’t usually require a bachelor’s degree, your experience as a software developer can be pretty beneficial. Of course, you really need to like this one because there is no creativity in the whole process of testing the app.

6. Business Analyst

These people are usually between the developers and sales teams and ensure every requirement is understood and properly implemented. Sometimes they can be exceptional product testers too.

Being a business analyst requires an exceptional level of knowledge of the software development process and even some coding skills as an addition. That’s why software developers can do great in this part of the process.

7. Teacher or Mentor

Many beginners are looking for a mentor to help them go through the process of becoming great software developers. Luckily, the vast community comes in handy in these cases.

If you are tired of years of coding and you want something more challenging, why not teach the younger developers how to do that? Many of them will need guidance once they join the real-world community. Whether they are natural talents or have a course certificate, they will need some mentorship while pursuing the code developer career.

You can also organize and host courses or make tutorials to spread your knowledge and share important tips for the developers. We are sure you can do great in this support role. Take your time, and you will see if you want to get back to technical roles, or mentorship and teaching are indeed your calls.

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8. R&D Engineer

R&D refers to the research and development process. The R&D engineers work on the concepts and outlines, defining the processes, and creating guidelines. They can also work on models and experiments to test the potential benefit of the new product.

They research the market, so they can develop an idea and strategy and instruct the software developers on what to do next. This process requires advanced knowledge in computer science and software development. These people understand the perks and challenges and can turn them into benefits for all those who need some advanced software solution.


As you see, software developers have many different options for pursuing a career in the industry. It’s not always about coding and releasing new and functional apps. Sometimes, theoretical knowledge and practical approach can help build better products and solutions for the users. That’s why it’s worth pursuing a career as a software developer, even though it means you will handle projects, teach at universities, or create educational content yourself.

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