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Let’s say you are a real FIFA game player who has accumulated a high number of coins over the last few months. However, you are not so sure how to use those coins. Worry no more. One of the ways you can use the hard-earned coins is to open FIFA packs. These are packages that contain many gifts designed to improve your gaming experience, from players, coins, staff consumables.

Choosing the right pack to purchase is often a tough job. That’s because everyone wants to get good value from the purchases. In FIFA 20, for example, there are many packs that one can open, with some proving to be more valuable than the others.

Tips to Consider Before Opening FIFA Packs

  • You can use coins to purchase FIFA packs. FIFA Points are a form of currency that you can get by real money.
  • If you want to spend money on your team, it is best if you only buy FIFA packs by using FIFA coins. It is because you will need the coins when bidding for players in the transfer market.
  • It would be best if you open FIFA packs that contain coins after you have compiled a powerful team. In most cases, opening packs often leads to a loss.


How To Get FIFA 20 Packs?

Opening FUT packs is one of the most exciting things for a game lover. It allows you to get new players, staff, and consumables.

Below are proven methods you can use to get FIFA 20 Packs:

  • Play online games (FUT Rivals, FUT Champions, FUT Draft, Squad Battles, Seasons)
  • Purchase from a reliable website. Make sure you use coins.
  • Complete SBCs
  • Complete the goals (daily, weekly or seasonal.)


Best FIFA Packs

As earlier mentioned, the FIFA packs contain different sets of things. In FIFA 20, for example, there are three sets of packages.

Here, let’s breakdown the three sets of packs:

Gold Packs

This category is sub-divided into the premium gold pack and a regular gold pack.

The premium gold pack needs 7500 coins to unlock. However, it’s worth it. It contains 12 gold, three rare things, consumables, and players. Regarding players, this pack gives a player with a rating of 75+. Besides, you get a player whose score is 82+ and 83+. You can build a strong team with players that rank high. Therefore, someone who opts for this pack can get a top-rated player who can improve their team.

The regular gold pack requires 500 coins and includes 12 gold stuff, consumable, one rare piece, and players. This pack can offer a player who ranks high. Moreover, it gives you players who have ratings of 82+ and 83+. Just like the premium pack, this one assures an elite player. You should have an elite player in the team if you want to perform properly.

Silver Pack

In the premium silver pack, you need 3750 coins. Here, you can get players, 12 silver cards, three rare things, consumables. The silver pack gives you one player with a 65+ rating. Furthermore, it provides players with 70+ and 73+ ratings.

For a regular silver pack, you need 2500 coins. In this category, you have the chance to get 12 silver cards, one rare item, consumables, and players. Now, this pack gives many attractive offers. You can get a player with a 65+ rating. Moreover, you get a player who is rated 70+ and 73+. That sounds a real deal.

Bronze Pack

The premium bronze pack only requires 750 coins to get it. Here, you can get 12 bronze cards, three rare objects, consumables, and players. This pack will give you a player rated 45+. It provides a player ranking 60+ and 63+.

The regular bronze, on the other hand, only requires 400 coins. The prizes include 12 bronze cards, consumables, players, and one rare piece. You can get a player with a 45+ rating. Besides, you can also get a player with 60+ and 63+ rating. It looks like a fantastic pack.

Best FIFA Packs

  • Buy FIFA packs that ensure you a rare player, if available.
  • The expensive packs are recommended. In most cases, you will get a top player.
  • If you want to shine in the team of the week (TOTW), buy the packs with rare gold players.


That’s all about the packs. If you are an expert player, then you can understand the difference between different packages. At the same time, a newbie may need support. Every game lover wants to build a strong team that has suitable players. Opening packs is one of the ways you can achieve this. However, it requires you to play many games to accumulate enough coins to unlock the packs. Also, it would help if you make intelligent decisions

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