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What is Strifor? What are the services this broker provides? Are you interested in why thousands of traders choose it? Discover the answers in our article, exploring the benefits of partnering with Strifor’s platform.

A Brief History of the Company

Strifor Broker commenced operations in 2020, initially focusing on clients in the B2B sector by offering them advantageous terms for cryptocurrency exchanges. Over time, the platform expanded its services to include private investors.

The broker’s primary focus is granting access to trading across various popular instruments, including Forex, indices, metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The company boasts over 2,000 active clients, with this number continuously on the rise. Traders choose Strifor due to its low commissions and spreads and the favorable conditions offered through bonus and affiliate programs.

Trading Conditions

Traders can select from four different account types, each with significant variations in trading conditions. However, becoming a client of Strifor Broker does not necessitate a substantial initial deposit. The Basic tariff, for instance, has no minimum entry requirement, meaning you can deposit as little as $10 or as much as $1000 to initiate your trading journey.

Compared to other tariffs, Basic has the highest commissions per lot. They are:

  • for metals and Forex – $8;
  • for cryptocurrency – 0.4%;
  • for indices – 0.004%.

The significant advantage of this tariff is the size of leverage – 1:500.

When opening other accounts, strifor clients gain access to even more advantageous trading conditions. Nevertheless, the minimum initial deposit requirements are higher, starting at $10,000 for Advanced and $20,000 for Professional accounts. For Muslim traders, a dedicated Islamic account features a swap-free option. You can find detailed information regarding trading conditions and commissions in the image below:

The service draws traders from across the globe with a lucrative affiliate program, enabling individuals to generate a consistent passive income. Strifor provides clients the opportunity to earn commission bonuses based on the trading activities of their referred clients. In total, the affiliate program consists of 3 levels:

  • Bronze. It is assigned when there are 1-4 referrals. In this case, the commission bonus will amount to 40%.
  • Silver. It is necessary to attract from 5 to 9 referrals, which will allow expecting a commission bonus of 50%.
  • Gold. The number of attracted referrals should be more than ten people. The commission bonus is 60%.

Users can find The referral link within their personal account. Each broker client can choose where to share it and how to attract referrals.

Priority Club: special conditions of cooperation with Strifor

The broker also has a partnership program for elite clients. Only traders whose deposit amount exceeds $50,000 can become Priority Club members.

Membership in the club opens new and more favorable working conditions for traders:

Membership in the club offers traders several enhanced benefits, including:

  • Personal manager support.
  • A 100% bonus of the deposited amount, with the option to withdraw bonus funds (subject to specific conditions).
  • Automatic promotion to the gold level in the affiliate program, regardless of the number of referrals.
  • Monthly cashback of up to 20% of commissions paid for opening trades.
  • Refund of fees spent on a selected trading signal.
  • Full compensation for the commission when transferring funds to a trading account within the Strifor system.
  • Advance payment options for maintaining open positions.
  • Withdrawal request processing within one hour.

Loyalty program

All traders who have opened one of the account types automatically become participants. The loyalty program allows receiving income at 18% per annum from the funds kept on deposit.

The only point to note is that you learn the interest on the unused trading balance. The interest accumulates daily based on the amount you do not use for trading. It aggregates at the end of each month before crediting it to your account.

Per reviews from Strifor clients, the broker’s loyalty program proves more profitable for preserving and increasing their capital when compared to conventional offline banks. This holds especially true because you can employ the earnings acquired through this program to upgrade your trading account. Consequently, you can progress to the Advanced and Professional account tiers faster and eventually attain membership in the Priority Club.

Strifor Broker is a reliable partner for traders, offering them favorable trading conditions and the opportunity to consistently earn substantial passive income without risking their own funds.

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