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There are various types of e-cigarettes that has been created throughout the world. Nowadays, vaping devices come in all shapes and forms and can be more or less big depending on the product that you chose. One of the most common and transportable vape is the pod vape device that is really appreciated by students.


  • An overview of pod vapes

Pod vapes are a type of compact e-cigarettes that has the property of using disposables pods. Unlike other types of e-cigarettes, pod vapes are that are small enough to fit between two fingers. It is an ”all-in-one” unit that allows the user to vape nicotine through a mouthpiece that is connected by magnets to the body of the e-cigarette. This type of vaping device has coils that can’t be changed or removed but they contain a removable cartridge. As such, if the coils have an issue due to a prolonged use or water infiltrating the device, the vaper will have to buy another pod vape, there are no possibilities to change the coils.

This type of device has been design with the goal of providing a higher nicotine delivery with an amount of power that is smaller than conventional e-cigarettes. Most of the time, pod vapes are pretty affordable which makes it an interesting product for students or people who don’t have a lot of money aside.The pods in this e-cigarette are disposable and can be easily changed. Thanks to that function, a pod vape user will have a great choice of flavors and nicotine power depending of his taste and needs.


  • The choice of e-liquid

The e-liquid is the name of the mixture contained in e-cigarettes, that is heated up and converted  to an aerosol by the device when activated. This will be what the vapers are inhaling every time they are using their pod vapes or any other type of e-cigarettes. When someone is using a vape, an atomizer presents in the vaping device will heat up the e-liquid NZ until the boiling point. After that step, the e-liquid will be transformed into vapor and that smoke will then be inhaled by the vaper. This e-liquid is mainly made of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, that are two colorless and odorless fluids which provides a ”throat hit” as well as a feel of ”thick” sensation to vapor.

E-liquids are made with different percentage of nicotine in order to be suitable for every consumer. The perfect percentage of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and nicotine will depend on the needs and taste of the user and can be change anytime : it will always be the decision of the vaper. There are a large range of e-liquids that exist with a huge amount of different flavor that someone can choose from. To get the right e-liquid for yourself, pay attention to the percentage of each ingredient and don’t hesitate to try different ones in order to find the perfect flavor.

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