Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Over the past decade or so, online entertainment as a whole has continued to emerge and grow in a huge way but it hasn’t been until these past eighteen months where it had been seen as essential as it is, from movie and TV streaming options, to gaming, to online streaming through content creators and big names – but with how successful online entertainment has been during a pandemic which left many businesses with future uncertainty, what comes next for online entertainment options?

Online live streaming will continue to grow into different markets – Platforms like Twitch have really shown just how big livestreaming can be as the biggest content creators can pull in tens of thousands of viewers per stream with the biggest events pulling in tens of millions. Given it is a free option that’s easily accessible, there are hopes that major sporting events or major entertainment events will move to the platform at some point given how successful it has been, but it will continue to be a huge option in gaming regardless, as viewers have become accustomed to just how pivotal the platform and similar have become in the gaming space. 

Online gaming as a whole will continue to change, too – Many individuals have found a huge passion for gaming over this same period of time too particularly on mobile as many services like some at in particular have seen a huge surge in numbers, with the closure of many brick and mortar locations for similar and changing attitudes towards gaming as a whole as a larger audience and wider demographic begin to explore the options available, it’s certainly looking to be an online entertainment option that will only grow and thrive.

Movie streaming has been set to change for a while too – The announcement that came at the end of 2020 with a partnership between HBO Max and Warner Bros was seemingly almost inevitable as many have been hoping to see big box office releases shift over to streaming platforms at some point, and with this first step being considered quite successful already it’s something that many expect other studios to follow too. Other names like Disney have made the shift successfully too, as although a little different with their paid “Premiere” service, it seems to be working well enough as new releases continue to push in this direction. The only drawback may come from  too many services offering too many choices and pushing the costs way up, but for now it certainly looks like a positive step forward.

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With the more permanent change to working from home looking to stick for a huge number of people, these entertainment options will certainly only become more useful over time, and the what’s next for many may simply be to continue doing what they’re already doing well.

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