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Crucial Tips to compose a profitable SEO friendly guest post

Guest posting is a strong and applicable strategy that is helping businesses and blogs to grow rapidly. Guest post is certainly “the information that you compose for someone else’s website”.  It’s beneficial for you in varied ways; you make money and build your audience through add-back links. But the mistake that some newbies make is they don’t create the guest posts in the way they should be. They make it look like a biography more than an article. That’s entirely wrong! 

Some bloggers always say the line ‘quantity over quality. It’s pretty much wrong and there’s no chance for such words in the blogging world as Google only ranks the quality and creative content on the Search Engine. You should never compromise the quality of a blog post, it will affect its ranking and outcomes badly. 

Here are some simple tactics, you need to follow to create a  guest post that Google will rank on the front page as well as will be liked by the audience:

  • Never make the guest post about yourself:

This is the most highlighted mistake every fresher makes as mentioned earlier. Don’t tell people about yourself boldly. Because they don’t know about you yet and they’re not interested in that. Try to deliver some message and information that people find useful for themselves. Ultimately, when people get inspired by your writing and creativeness, they’ll yearn to know about you and your website more. So focus on the content, not on your biography! 

  • Create free giveaways related to the niche:

People are intrigued and attached to the word “free” that whenever we see something free, our brain gets active and responds immediately, especially when the free offering is regarding our needs and requirements. For instance, if you’re composing an article about “how to send an email to multiple users ‘ and you’re connecting a free ebook regarding the Email, people will undoubtedly click on the ebooks and download it. It’s Because the website is about emails and anyone who has come there is searching about emails and he or she will want to know what this free ebook is offering. 

  • The content should be valid for the next 10 years: 

What does this statement mean? Like how can an article be valid for the next ten years and in what way it’s gonna help? So the answer is that when a guest post is published on any service-providing platform like CRECTIVE, the post will be there for many of the coming years in the same and the same condition. So it’s important to create and arrange the blog in a way that will create a long-lasting impression. It should continue to benefit you for long years and times. Only accurate, creative and quality content can last for so long. Always be wise, take care of the content, and make it interesting for a long period.

  • Try to create the guest’s post for beginners: 

Whenever you’re coming to a guest post, remember to make it like the way you’re communicating with beginners. Use simple wordings and define all the points briefly. The reason is whenever someone is reading your blog, he must have some confusion and questions. That means he comes on the website to find the answers not to find more questions. The experienced readers will surely understand, even if you write it in difficult business or scientific terms. But make it simple to be understood by the beginners as well. For example, whenever you’re using the name of the association or official terms, write a full abbreviation at least one time. This will create a good impact on the new readers. 

  • Make the blog look good; the First impression is the last!

Always attach related pictures that are needed to explain the content in the most appropriate way. This can grab the attention of the reader instantly and he will get hooked up. Add links to various big platforms and bloggers to justify your stances. This creates a good impact on the readers and they will become a permanent audience. 


Guest posting always works most effectively when you use this strategy most accurately. Always prefer quality over quantity, add useful information, professional bloggers links, and add related pictures to the guest post to make it look more attractive. Be patient and only focus to maintain the quality of content; once the content will get published, it will get people’s attention and get higher rankings in the SEO.

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