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If you are a music lover, you may have come across wired earphones as well as wireless earphones. You may have asked yourself which one is better when it comes to listening to music. Is wired better or wireless?

Here is the simple answer, wired earphones maybe is better when it comes to latency issues. If you don’t know what latency issues are, then here is the explanation. Latency issue in earphones is when there is a little audio delay while you are watching movies and especially during gaming time and since wireless earphones are not wired and work on Bluetooth connectivity they have latency issues but now that earphone companies are trying their hard, you will see that now a day’s wireless earphones have very low latency or no latency, especially in the area of movies, songs, and videos. While watching movies, you will not feel any latency issues in today’s wireless earphones because the new versions of wireless earphones have come up with better Bluetooth connections and new chipsets to overcome latency or audio delay. But when you are playing games like PUBG or COD, there will be a little audio delay maybe 1 second or less than a second such as 0.5 seconds which is sometimes not even noticeable, well it depends upon the brand of earphone and how good wireless earphone you are purchasing and if you are looking for the best wireless earphones or headphones then you can visit In this website, you will find lots of great wireless earphones and you can choose according to your own budget and usage.

So, we can say that wireless earphones and wired earphones are somehow similar when it comes to watching movies or listening to music, but in terms of gaming, I think wired ones are best because they have no audio delay like in wireless earphones.

Now let’s talk about other things that we purchase our earphones for such as jogging or workout. Well in this area wireless earphone is the winner because when you have a wired earphone and you are doing exercise or running it get gets tangled around your neck, in your arm or gets stuck in your workout equipment’s which makes it really annoying and hard to use them in the gym or while running and eventually your wired earphones get damaged and you have to buy a new one But when it comes to wireless earphones there are no wires so that means it will not get tangled with your equipment’s or around your or annoy you and if you are purchasing wireless earbuds which have totally no wires as compared to wireless neckbands then you can move freely and exercises without any issues and since wireless earbuds or earphones come with IPX rating that means they are water-resistant and few water splashes and water drops will not damage them. So you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty in the gym.

So finally it all depends upon your budget, if you have a good budget then you can get a wireless earphone that will be almost similar to a wired one in terms of microphone, sound, or latency. But wireless is the future of earphones since they are so compact and easy to carry and now a day we are having type-c cable so we don’t have to even worry about charging anymore because in a good wireless earphone you will get strong battery life and fast charging. So you can never get low battery.

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