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Proper geriatric care is indeed a need of our times today. We are living in a social environment where big families are breaking down and the youngsters are moving away for work and a better life more than ever. While it brings a world of new opportunities for them, it does become a little difficult for the elders of the family who stay back. The hectic work cycle does not allow for the working members of the family to be around home much. That is when at-home care comes in and helps in saving time and make further progress and works as a precursor to medical care, in fact, facilitating the same in times of emergencies or working as a preventive mechanism.

Why is Elder Care needed?

Companionship is something that the elderly people require as they grow older and after a while, when one of the spouses passes away, the other is left alone and needs to fend for herself or himself. The question is not that of financial assistance- most families are insured these days and the elderly have pension plans in place to take care of their financial needs and the children too might send money home. However, it is companionship that matters the most at this point and helping hand that is needed when one just has grown so infirm that even day to day activities become difficult to handle. Elder care services have been designed keeping these aspects in mind so that the older people too have a chance at leading a dignified and comfortable life.

After all, they have spent their entire life looking after their family and now it is their turn to receive some of the kindness and affection that they have bestowed on others throughout their life. This is one of the reasons why the youngsters who are staying far away are arranging for professional elder care so that their parents continue to receive love and support even if they are not nearby. Elderly care is meant to work in a therapeutic way in order for the elderly to feel the care and support which they require for their daily lives. It is important for the elderly to have some regularize their daily routine in order to make physical progress.

What to expect from Elder Care?

  • Eldercare packages have designed to suit the needs and requirements of various families. The degree of help that an elder person might need may vary, depending on his or her physical and medical conditions and at Portea, it is made sure that they receive the kind of care they are looking for.
  • The services will take care of medical needs if any, like delivering and helping with the intake of medicines, take the elderly person for to meet the medical appointments and help them with their exercise and physical therapies. Also, keeping constant track of improvements and changes.
  • The services will ensure that the elderly person receives companionship and that they know someone is there for them to talk to and listen to them. Caregivers will read to them or help them set up the internet if they want to take to their children or grandchildren over Skype.
  • The services will help the elder person take care of the household chores, maintenance of hygiene and ensure that he or she has access to good and nutritious food.

Much depends on the caregivers who are providing these services and at Portea it is made sure that not only do they have the required credentials, but they are genuinely compassionate and thoughtful human beings who want to give the elderly people the best chance at life even in their old age.


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