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Wonders of Modern Home Technology

Every year, fresh tech items appear in the marketplace. All promise to deliver an easier or safer lifestyle for consumers who take the bait. But, are all the newest gadgets, systems, appliances, and improvements worth it? Here are five that make the grade and have the potential to cut down on cleaning chores, add elegance to your at-home lifestyle, reduce utility bills, and make any living space safer from intruders. Some represent quick add-ons or appliances you can purchase yourself. Others are in the category of home improvements that have the potential to add to a home’s resale value. See which ones are the best candidates for your living area?

Robotic Vacuums

The ingenious robot vacuum has been around for many years, but the newest, smart technology that comes with the latest models is nothing short of amazing. For 2021, there are a half-dozen, top tier versions that are lighter, faster, and much better at sucking up dirt, dust, and unwanted gunk from carpets and linoleum floors. The other development in the product line is lower prices. Compared to early, clunky, not so smart robot vacs, the newest offerings cost about half as much and do a much better job of making any home look cleaner and brighter.

Home Lifts

Residential lifts are finally entering their golden age. Long considered unique additions to older properties, today’s home lifts are sleeker, less costly, safer, and take up much less space. Owners who choose to add them do so for all sorts of reasons. Many simply want to add an overall impression of elegance while some homeowners value the safety factor for oldsters who no longer need to negotiate long staircases.

Energy Efficient Windows

Scientific advances in window technology have brought a whole new generation of energy saving panes to the forefront of the market. Double and triple panes are common, as are special glass-like composites that keep indoor temperatures consistent and unaffected by outdoor extremes. If you haven’t shopped for windows in a few years, get ready for major surprises. Menus include not just multiple panes but every hue of glass and glass composite known to modern science. Plus, buyers can select from dozens of latch types, sill styles, and pane thicknesses.

Connected Lighting Systems

Maybe the most intriguing of the latest batch of technology for residential homes, connected light systems are smart, have the potential to slash utility bills by a significant margin, and are fun to program. Most of the current models operate directly from a phone app, so you can set timers, graded brightness in any area, motion detection capability, and more.

Triple Smart Security

For those who value safety and security, 2021 is a watershed year. Prices for comprehensive home security units have come down, and the products do more than ever before. For instance, a typical triple safe version that requires no special expertise to install, includes all-around perimeter cameras (closed circuit), silent or audible alarms, and smart locks for all entryways. None of the technology is of the breakthrough type, but the synergy of the three forms of home protection delivers unparalleled peace of mind for single people and families.

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