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Yaşam Ayavefe

With the spread of Covid-19 virus, many countries started to take serious precautions. These precautions often included quarantine and restrictions. During this process, millions of people from all over the world have been locked in their homes. However, at the same time, people had the chance to analyze their living spaces closely. During the pandemic, people gained significant experience about how to meet the shortages and urgent needs in their homes. However, the most important question was how sufficient the living spaces were for human health. According to successful businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe, the concept of healthy homes is of great importance for people’s health. Ayavefe predicts that this concept will become more and more common in near future.

How the Concept of Healthy Homes Will Spread?

With his innovative housing projects both in Turkey and abroad, Yaşam Ayavefe offers different living spaces to people. Famous businessman says that the concept of healthy homes will become more common. In this speech on the subject, he states that Covid-19 virus has changed the priorities in people’s lives. Now houses are the top priority for all of us. The famous businessman added that this is exactly why the concept of healthy homes will be the priority of people and will become widespread. It seems that the usage rate of this concept will increase in newly built housing projects with today’s technology.

There are five main features of this concept of healthy homes. They’re planned not to be too tall for safety purposes. The focus point is to make living spaces larger. So how exactly will this be possible? The emphasis will be on gardens, terraces, and balconies in the houses. In this way, green areas will be increased, and people will be provided with a green environment with plenty of oxygen. Of course, the concept of healthy homes is not only limited to this. Special studies will also be carried out about air circulation whose importance is understood especially in Covid-19 times. All houses will be designed in accordance with the earthquake regulations. Apart from these, businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe is considering adding new topics to the agenda in near future. About the project, Yaşam Ayavefe said “We clearly saw the health problems people encountered during the pandemic process. There is a global sensitivity on this issue. We plan to build fully equipped houses by adding new topics to our healthy homes concept. ”

The concept of a group of houses, which is widely used in Turkey, can be seen as modern buildings. However, it is not seen at a sufficient level. An area consists of a group of houses are defined as concepts designed to meet all the needs of people living within the area. Yaşam Ayavefe focuses on organic life rather than a life in a group of houses. The successful businessman sees villages that meet their own needs as the best example of this kind of lifestyle. Ayavefe said, “In our future projects, we are planning to put small coops and barns within the garden. We aim to promote the harmony between the people and the environment by instilling a sense of organic and healthy life in people.” Yaşam Ayavefe’s sensitivity towards the environment also sets an example for many groups.

Immigration from City to Countryside

During the pandemic period, we witnessed that many people took serious steps to change their lifestyles. During the Covid-19 period, there has been great increase in migration from the city to the countryside. We can see them clearly both from social media and the press. There are some reasons why people migrate, and pandemic is one of them. According to successful businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe, the role of advancing technology in immigration is undeniable. In this process, people had the chance to discover their abilities. All the world realized that many jobs can be done working from home. This has enabled people to eliminate all the factors that urge people to live in the cities one by one. The world has tried this during the pandemic period and people have found it to be quite successful. This type of migration is expected to increase further in the future, according to experts. However, it is stated that the important point here is that migration seems to be sustainable.

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