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Laptops are the users first choice these days because they are very portable and easy to use. They offer all such features that you see in a PC. They are even better than the PCs. 


Some can afford a laptop, while for some it’s still a dream because they are expensive. But when you have them, you would want to make the best use of them. What is that trick to keep your laptop with you for a long period of time? How to bring the best out of them? 


You will get the answers to all your questions here.

Five Essential HP Laptop Tips for every user


In this article, you will be introduced with some of the best five tricks and tips for using your Laptop efficiently.


1. Expand storage with Cards:  


There are various models of laptops available in the market. Different models cost differently. The price depends on so many factors. For example, the storage capacity. Yes, you may be wishing for a laptop with high storage capacity. But, you may find the laptop with high storage capacity very expensive. 


Why not make your laptop expensive, instead of buying an expensive one? Yes, you can increase or expand the storage capacity of your laptop by using the SD cards or external hard drives. 


This will add more to the current storage capacity of your laptop. So, why pay more, when you can save your money?

2. Update the drivers on a timely basis:


It is really important to update the device drivers on a timely basis. You should not have any outdated, damaged or faulty drivers in your laptop. If you want to run your laptop in an optimal manner, remove the old drivers and get their latest versions.


Say for example, if you are using an HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop model, you can download HP Pavilion dv9000 drivers for Windows 10


You can update the device drivers manually as well as automatically. If you go for updating the drivers manually, it may take a lot of your time and money. It is therefore better to update the device drivers automatically. 


You can download and install one of the driver update software tools available in the market. You can choose a paid or a free version of the driver updater windows 10 tool. It is completely your choice. 


3. Your Pets could be a Problem:


If you have a pet at your home, you need to be very careful while working on your laptop. Because, it may try to touch or harm the laptop. The vents, speakers, etc. sensitive parts may get spoiled or damaged due to even a thin layer of pet’s hairs going inside them. 


This may give rise to the issues like, overheating of the laptop, short circuits or internal damages, etc. This will lead to the waste of time and money. 


It is thus advised to always keep your pets away from your laptop.


4. Kitchen Hacks: 


There are so many kitchen hacks you can execute when working on your laptops. You need to be a little artistic or creative. 


For example, if you want to keep your cords connected to the desk, you can use large sized binder clips. You can attach the large sized binder clip with the desk. And run the cord with the help of a metal loop at the end. 


Make sure that the size of the cord and the clip matches with each other. Not every cord will fit into the clip. But it will be convenient for you only if you try this hack. You will not have to hunt for the cords lost everytime behind your desk.


5. Save your Battery:


If you are purchasing a new laptop, remember to check the battery life of it. A low rated battery life laptop is always very troublesome. 

If you already have a laptop, then you should keep in mind certain points.


  • Keep the Battery saving mode turned on in your laptop. In some laptops, it’s there in an app or a program. But in some you are required to set the battery mode as per your choice.


  • Remember to dim the display. In other words, keep the brightness of the screen dim. It will save your laptop’s battery. Also, it’s good for your eyes too. 


  • Remember to disconnect the peripheral and wireless devices when not in use. Like, USB flash drives, external peripherals, etc. consume a lot of battery from your laptop. 


  • If you are not working on the internet, better to keep the wi-fi turned off. Because, this also lowers the battery of your laptop.


So just keep these points in mind. This will help you a lot in saving your laptop’s battery and work for a longer period of time.



If you will follow certain handy tips, you will definitely be able to improve your working experience on your laptop. Some of you may be the masters in these tricks. But if you are a new laptops user, it will be good for you to go through this article. 


Hope you find this article of some help in future.

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