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When moving home, all the excitement can soon get sucked away when you think about packing and getting all your belongings from one location to another. You just want to get into your new home and create memories with loved ones but you’re staring at what seems like thousands of boxes and a huge task ahead. Here are five tips to make your move more efficient this year!

Create a Plan

But I just want to get started! This might be true, but you won’t believe how helpful it is to have a plan when moving (trust the people who have gone before you!). Whether you start a new document or use an online template, having a plan means that you get all ideas and thoughts down onto the page rather than allowing them to stumble over one another in your head.


Your plan should contain dates, strategies, lists of helpers, and everything else you need to make the move a success.


Are you still holding onto that lamp that you bought 20 years ago but hasn’t worked for the last ten? Maybe it’s time to let it go. When moving, this is the perfect time to declutter and reduce the burden of transferring items from home to home. Of course, you shouldn’t just throw everything into the trash. Even though you’re moving, you’ll probably still need pots and pans for cooking. However, this is an opportunity to be strong and lose unnecessary items.

Hire a Ute

Strangely, renting a Ute for moving and relocating isn’t a tip used regularly enough in guides of this nature even though it’s one of the best strategies around. With the right provider, you’ll have access to both single and dual cab Utes whether you want an Isuzu, Toyota, or Mitsubishi.


Why choose a Ute? Because they can carry more boxes and items (both in terms of size and weight) compared to most vehicles. Once you’re done, just take the Ute back again and enjoy your new home.

Enlist Some Help

Sadly, most people moving homes feel awkward asking people for help. On the other side, family, friends, and colleagues don’t want to impose their help just in case you don’t want it. You need the help, they want to help, but you end up struggling alone. More often than not, loved ones would love to make this process easier for you. All it takes to get started is a simple question – can you help, please?


When enlisting help, delegate jobs carefully so that people aren’t just going through your belongings. Instead, get them loading boxes onto the Ute or helping in other ways. Remember, more bodies mean more vehicles and you might get the move done in one busy weekend rather than dragging it on for several days.

Label All Boxes

Lastly, many people worry too much about the packing and moving process that they ignore the unpacking stage. Suddenly, they’re standing in their new living room with dozens of random cardboard boxes. They open one box expecting to see kitchenware and actually find a box of tools for the garage.


If you want to prevent this sort of problem, either write the contents of the box on top or use coloured stickers. In an instant, you’ll see where the box needs to go. If you’re even more organised, you could create a spreadsheet with everything that each box contains.


With these five tips, you can make your move much less stressful and more efficient. Good luck!

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