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If you had been around on the internet, you might have noticed that Airbnb officially had launched its logo. It is a company that lets people rent rooms online from private individuals since 2008.

Suddenly, a collective chuckle was heard from the internet surfers, who proceeded to make dirty jokes at Airbnb’s new logo. Some people accused that it resembles with various parts of the human (especially female) anatomy. Airbnb has then invited everyone to make the logo on their own, by allowing them to modify it as they can. 

A parody site on Tumblr displayed results in the form of the latest masterpieces from the audience. Almost all were poking fun at the anatomical resemblance of the latest professional logo design of Airbnb.

Apart from this, Airbnb has also been accused of stealing the professional logo design from another company called Automation Anywhere. If you search out the Automation Anywhere’s website, you will find that logo design is virtually identical to Airbnb’s latest one. This situation has a lot to teach the other marketers. Here, we will let you know what the rest of us can learn from this and how not to repeat Airbnb’s professional logo design mistakes.

Be Careful & Always Test

Have you ever thought why brand agencies charge so much when all they design is “just a professional logo”? Because behind each professional logo, there is a huge amount of research work and certain factors of consideration.

Such as brand’s business activities, consumer behavior, geopolitical sensitivities, its aspirational and perceived positioning, and many more factors. So, we should not repeat the same mistake as Airbnb did, rather we should always attempt to test any professional logo. We must be careful in selecting our brand’s logo as it’s an important asset of the business.

Evaluate Wisely

Don’t get into any trap because social media scandals blow up and then by nature blow over gradually. So, without any fear, you must evaluate facts that can happen and that can’t. The question is whether the thrash uncovers a real problem with the professional logo design or not. 

Will it cost you by financial terms with average consumers or will ordinary audience be distracted every time they look at your professional logo design? You must evaluate everything and then decide what will produce the best output for your brand. Don’t forget the example of PepsiCo when it recalled the Tropicana’s packaging not because it was so embarrassing for the brand but because of its ineffectiveness. That’s what matters the most instead of being trapped in a particular situation.

Don’t Believe Blindly

You should not believe wildly in brand experts since they can also make mistakes. In this modern age, you need to be very cautious to make decisions about choosing your brand’s appropriate visual identity. Because otherwise, you can have a dull and even shameful professional logo design as Airbnb faced.

This doesn’t mean you should not trust your team, but always verify independently to prevent from any inconvenience. Apart from this, you must get a logo from a professional logo designer appropriate to your brand. You can notice all the world class brands have their remarkable custom logos which are quite easy to recognize in a bunch of objects. So, your brand should also get an alluring logo design just like them.

Wait for Better Time

Bad news can also be good news, just develop strong nerves to tackle with bad time. Aside from scoffing, we are sure there are thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of people out there that have never heard of Airbnb or its professional logo. 

Yes, it’s possible because there is always another side of the front side. The key lesson is, don’t panic, instead look for the opportunity in every disaster and prove yourself as the best administrator of bad time. 

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