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Mary Lee Harvey The Ex-Wife of Famous TV Actor Steve Harvey

Mary Shackelford is the original name of Mary Lee Harvey. Mary is the former spouse of a famous TV personality named Steve Harvey. Steve is an entertainer, actor, author & producer. She was born in Arlington town of Texas on October 20 in the year of 1960. Mary Lee will be 63 years old in 2023. Mary Vaughn Harvey came into the world on October 20, 1960. Lee Harvey told people about a bad connection with her father in a video. She lived in a relationship. She never had with her father due to this. Let’s discuss about Mary Lee Harvey in detail:

Overview of Mary Lee Harvey

  • Mary is grown as a curious child. It is due to the good upbringing of her father. The home of her father was never pleasant for Mary. She disclosed this in her YouTube Video. Mary Lee was searching for a good relationship. The reason for it was that she had never had one.
  • Mary Lee Harvey gained attention after marrying Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a famous media figure. He is dubbed as the ‘busiest man’ in Hollywood. They both met at an event and started thinking for each other in terms of relationship.

Career Trajectory of Mary Lee Harvey

  • Mary Lee Harvey performed as a make-up craftsman. Her career path became mysterious. It was once she married her 2nd spouse in the 1990s. Mary Lee Harvey has made a few public comments about her life. It is after her divorce.
  • It has hampered public knowledge of her existence. Mary met her husband Steve Harvey in a shopping center in Arlington. This meet-up happened in the late 1980s. She worked as a cosmetics makeup artist at that time.

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Relationship of Mary Lee Harvey & Steve Harvey

Relationship of Mary Lee Harvey & Steve Harvey

  • The two got together in 1989 at a club in Arlington, Texas in the United States of America. They came from a number of past partnerships. They dated for about 7 years after their most memorable encounter. It was before finally becoming something in 1996. There are a number of things that became abrasive in their marriage. Mary accused Steve of being unfaithful. The former couple decided to go in a separate route after failing to resolve their differences.
  • Steve gave up custody of their single child after their divorce was finalized in 2006. Lee mentioned a number of times during her interview. Steve was looking at Marjorie Bridges behind her back. She & the comedian reportedly met around 1990.
  • Mary Lee Harvey was born in Arlington, a city in the US territory of Texas in October 1960. She once discovered that she had grown up in a group of ten children who collaborated. There is some important knowledge about Mary Lee Harvey. It is because they were wives. Broderick Stephen Harvey Sr. was her husband.
  • Steve Harvey is known for his attractive persona. He is an American comedian, entertainer & TV personality. She was born on June 21 in the year of 1996. Mary said yes to Harvey after 7 years. It is even though they had known each other for more than 10 years. Harvey was climbing the ladder of success. Mary was quietly helping him along so their marriage was going well.

Steve & Marjorie: Story of Kids

  • Mary Lee Harvey has 3 children from her previous marriage. Steve Harvey took in the 3 children after he married her husband Marjorie. Morgan, Jason & Lori Harvey are the names of her kids. That’s why everyone was shocked. The couple filed for divorce after hearing this. They were wed for over 10 years Before divorcing in 2005.
  • She is the third wife of Marjorie Elaine Harvey. She may have been his mistress. The makeup artist accused him of having an affair with her while they were still married. Mary Harvey felt free to sue her former partner for USD 60 Mn. It cites instances of abuse along with kidnapping and murder. It also breaches the contract. It also deliberates retaliation for domestic problems.
  • The radio star was already married. She is separated prior to meeting Mary Harvey. This would not be his first divorce. Marcia Harvey was his most notable spouse. It is together that they had a unicorn that gave birth to 2 daughters named Brandi & Karli. It is as well as a son and the name is Brock Harvey Jr.

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Allegations by Her Lawyer

  • The lawyer of Harvey revealed to TMZ that the comedian refuted the allegations. Their divorce was a tumultuous one due to their conflict over child custody. Mary Harvey began moving & posting videos to YouTube in an attempt to gain massive followers.
  • She learned from these reports that Harvey had allegedly been mistreating her both physically & psychologically. Harvey went after his ex & obtained an order against her. A gag order was given to Mary Lee Harvey. It is prohibiting her from discussing or analyzing the details of the case. It is with the general public.

Source – Culture Spill

  • Mary Lee Harcey broke the court order in 2013. She was taken into custody a number of times. Mary received USD 40,000 from Harvey. Each month up to March 2009 in the same month. She received USD 1.5 Mn from him. Harvey & his second wife got divorced due to irreconcilable reasons. Mary Lee Harvey lost her famous family due to this. Harvey lost around USD 60 Mn in the lawsuit.

Net Worth of Mary Lee Harvey

The total net worth of Mary Lee Harvey is around USD 5 Lakh as of 2023. It remembers her from her marriage to Steve Harvey. It is from her separation lawsuit. Wynton is the child of this entertainer. Wynton was born to Mary Lee Harvey.


Mary Lee Harvey is famous as the ex-wife of Tv actor Steve. She is a skilled creator & supporter of emotional well-being. She has persevered in inspiring others with her narrative. It is despite the challenges she has faced. The entire net worth of Mary Lee Harvey is still mostly unknown. The basic details of the settlement reached haven’t been revealed to date. It is despite the fact that she most likely received some sort of monetary reimbursement.

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