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In the recent past we all have registered a major shift in the digital real estate sphere. Many new online property portals are popping up every day, dominating the property searches in India. These online property portals are focused in cumulating a large amount of data from agencies and individual real estate agents and CRMs to provide the visitors with comprehensive details about all available properties along with pricing, possession dates, floor plans and other details.

These online property portals are designed to provide the users with supreme quality and quantity of details of Property for Sale in India. All prospective property buyers in India can rely completely on these property portals online as it leads the movement in catering to the efficiency focused and time poor. These property portals online are focused not only to compete and compare different properties in India, but also to offer the property buyers with diverse perspectives as well as targeting a narrower demographics.

This tech-driven solution is way ahead in producing the robust business for the builders and developers, while helping the property buyers to make wise and informed buying decisions. Below are the areas that these portals mainly focus on.

Enhancing the Collection of Information

Most of the online property portals in India have already hired a team of experienced and highly qualified team of data scientists who work on accumulating and enriching the information of properties in India. Lots of progresses have already been made and lot more needs to be done in order to extract the fake listings, fake sellers and work on seller and buyer identity as well as their preferences. This is the most efficient way to enhance the credibility and creditworthiness of the online property portals.

Listing Products that are Beyond Your Discovery

The online property portals are not just only focused on creating listings of products and providing platform for meeting of sellers and buyers, but they go beyond this. The portals are now using different tools that enable the buyers and sellers to research and discuss about different prices and properties on social media forums and market. This is the most efficient way in creating the bunch of available property services for legal assistance, valuations, packers and movers and home decor.


With creativity and innovative ideas the real estate industry can excel and expand in leaps and bounds. The home buyers in India tend to respond promptly to relevant creativity and modernization. Today many new technologies have been integrated into the online property portals like visualization technology. VR and AR are the technologies which have not yet made its way to the Indian real estate market and it is expected that with its integration the user experience will be enriched and improvised significantly.

E-auction is another area of modernization. Banks are now struggling with the large piles of NPAs and the only way to solve this issue is by integrating e-auction option in the online property portals. Moreover, new business models will be launched in coming years so as to solve the problems of address specific consumers within Indian realty market.

Covering Indian Realty Market with Holistic Approaches

The online property portals in India focus on covering the whole realty market of India. To cater to the ever increasing demands of home buyers in India, there are over 2, 00,000 realty brokers and agents across the nation, while 20, 000 builders of international repute that are coming up with new Projects in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi and across the nation. It is estimated that there are over 10 millions dwelling units and pent houses sprawling across the 6 top metro cities of India and this ensures that still there is a huge un-trapped realty market for buyers to explore.

So, the role of these online property portals is to accumulate all the sellers and buyers together under one portal who are still out of these un-trapped realty markets of India.

Initially, the house buying process was performed offline, but all thanks to the advent of technology which has taken the entire process of buying a home online and it can be done now using the reliable online property portals. How smartly and efficiently these portals can solve the issues of every consumer is the prime focus today and this helps them to redraw the landscape of realty market and revolutionize its future.


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