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This is apparent you are bound to have fun and enjoy the party night, after all, why shouldn’t you, this is your marriage. Having fun in your marriage does not imply that you should have all the fun. Guests are a crucial element of the party night because of them you created a startling structure of your marriage celebrations but creating a glittering night does not mean you are done from your side. Now, they are in your house, your venue, your party. This is your responsibility to take care of them and ensure they are having fun and love to come to your party. Using some creativity, the marriage bureau in Ludhiana are experts and traditional vows will make the wedding very memorable for everyone. Here, we are sharing some secrets for throwing the most epic wedding your guests will ever see.


Discomfort is the enemy of fun. Be extra careful about this, discomfort has the power to draw everyone’s attention towards it. If your guests are eating meals in sweating, if your guests are eaten alive by mosquitos, if your guests got irritated due to flies. Then definitely this kind of condition is not in your favor, you have to do something. 

Enough food

Varieties of items in the menu and taste of food are not enough to impress guests. Your party should be carried with enough food. Talk to your cater service provider to keep the food flow open timely so that guests will consume more than they need.

Add some extra fun

Gust will come to your marriage ceremony in the hope of eating and dancing, but they will not expect an extra twist of fun. You can manage a dance party, a surprise VIP guest, a staggering speech to give a twist of fun. You can organize some exciting games, trilling or fun-loving games.

The best most reliable marriage bureau in Ludhiana for applicants seeking the best life partner can pour you into the fun of marriage and will give a chance to dive deep into the ocean of love.

Chance to dance

One more secret to throwing the most epic wedding your guests will ever see is Dance. Give your DJ instruction to play pop-rock songs mixed with Punjabi beats. Let the guests make the choice to play their favorite song and do not forget to get your foot on the dance floor also this makes the guests more energetic and will be excited to join the couple for a few songs.


There are approx. 300-400 people who left their home, family, and work and choose to be better with you. That is why it becomes a crucial tranche of your successful marriage to make use of such worthy secrets in your marriage party. Be ready to have a conversation with the marriage bureau in Ludhiana to ensure that your wedding is the most fun-loving celebration matrimony your guests will ever attend. Thanks for reading, we appreciate your precious time.


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