Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
Val Cortez Travel The World To Fulfill Her Dreams

Why be a fan when you can be a leader? Live your desire; chase your goals.” We must have listened to this somewhere, but this doesn’t make sense to several of us. But these lines have significantly influenced several people’s stories, just like Val Cortez’s life who made her profession out of her love for travelling throughout the world.

Val Cortez is a modern female social media star born in Lima, Peru but then moved to Argentina. When she was a child, she dreamt of working big. Yet, 15 years before, nobody had any belief that social media would be an excellent platform. Influencers weren’t a task back then. However, gratitude to social media, now we have a unique business called “influencers”. Val Cortez began socialising on social media, not for financial gains. She is recognised for travelling to various places worldwide and generating high-quality content on her fans’ social media stories.

Story Behind Val Cortez Succes

She had always desired to explore the world. So when she grew 21, she chose to take her first foreign tour. And it transformed her life. Val liked to share her knowledge with people throughout the world. So she live-streamed her ride on the Universal app.

Soon, she became well-known for her tour live streams and became recognised as “Val Around The World”. When she moved from home, she only owned 12K fans on Instagram. Now she has about 971K followers on Instagram and 225K followers on TikTok. The figures are still increasing every day.

Note: Val Cortez followed social media not because she desired to be popular. She was required to share her journey living with people. People admired her content, and because of her pure hard work, she presently has such a large audience on social media.

Pro Tip: Val Cortez is popular not just because of her journeys, but also for her charming attraction. Her curvy body and outfit poses are another cause she is a social media lead. Gratitude to Instagram and TikTok, people, now can quickly follow their desires.

Val Cortez encourages people to follow their heart’s wishes. If you want to explore, do that if you’re going to write, do that. Social media is a fabulous place for experiencing your content. You can join the world at the sense of your fingertips.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click on this link https://www.instagram.com/val.aroundtheworld/ and follow Val Cortez and get fantastic content daily!


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