Mon. May 27th, 2024
Val Cortez

Have you ever listened about Val Cortez? Well! She is a social media influencer, and great personality is known in social media platforms as ‘Val Around The World’. Social Media has evolved as a benefit these days. Maybe 15-20 years before no one would have assumed that it would be so simple to reach up and see their old buddies or share some old memories with each other.


No one would have had a sign that people would be capable of earning money with the help of social media or experiencing a life that gives financial independence. Val Cortez is one of those few successful and hardworking personalities in the world who made all her desires come true by pure hard work.


You might assume that a successful social media personality you follow would have regularly been a model and a tourist, but that’s not right. Val Cortez has a journey of the struggle between her job life and the love of travelling. So, let us take you all to the entire life adventure of your favoured Instagram tourist influencer.


Whole Story Regarding Val Cortez Success


Cortez is a social media influencer with a massive following from people over the world. She is famous for her full-figured body presence, flawless beauty, and unique styling sense. Her enthusiasts beyond the globe have been flowing in their endless desire and affection for the fashionable lady who enjoys travelling globally and joining new people.


Often introduced as “Val around the world” by her social media followers, Val Cortez was born in Lima, Peru. From her teens, she was always affectionate about exploring the universe. She took her first foreign tour at the age of 21, after that it provided her with a sign of a consent that is what she desires to do in her life. She began her social media profession in 2019 by live streaming through World Wide App.


Note: She began using social media only for entertainment, not for any financial profits. Those live streams’ original plan was not about money but socialising with people globally through social media. Her enthusiasm for interacting with strange people worldwide made her the best streamer and earner for many weeks at a universal level.


Her first rank on the app made her realise that she can live a life she loves and make money while travelling worldwide. She always wanted to travel the world, meet new people, and know about different cultures in this world. After some months , she chose to take a chance on her lifetime desire and left her house in the belief of travelling throughout the world. She abandoned her house in 2019 with only 12k followers and a willingness to explore the globe.


She faced a lot of trouble in the beginning steps, but her followers on social media were always there in her moment of necessity. As of now, Val has above 971k followers on Instagram and 225k followers on Tik-Tok. She retains on acting on her social media appearance also after having tremendous fan support. Her goal is to encourage people to experience a life they dream of and make efforts for it.

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