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Weddings are one of the 3 most important times in someone’s life. You need to keep in mind the small details so that your wedding reception turns out as anticipated. Where wedding dresses and decorations play a significant role in your wedding, uplighting is also very important. Most people neglect the importance of uplights or forget it while planning their wedding occasion. You can rent string lights for your wedding event and make your event more special. Let’s break down why uplighting and design is important for your celebration.

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Make the Most from Your Photos

Pictures are just one way to look back at your reception. Besides photos, your videos will tell a story about your event and leave long-lasting memories. So, the first reason why uplighting is important for your wedding, it creates a gorgeous backdrop in pictures. It is best to take pictures in well-lit areas to improve image quality. When using uplighting at your wedding event, photos are amazing. It allows you and your guests to take good and clear pictures without any pixelation. The colors in your bridal party attire will pop and look better with the right lighting. Wedding lighting also allows for your room decor to pop and stand out as the venue’s lighting is dimmed. We recommend talking with a reputable online lighting company like Ship Our Wedding for affordable lighting rentals that are easy to set up.

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Make Your Wedding Reception Beautiful

Uplighting at your wedding event is essential because it plays a very significant role. Good lighting will make your event more beautiful. You can also use colorful lights if you want to add a special touch to your wedding event in accordance with your theme. Weddings without lighting are missing out on the most affordable way to transform their event space. Try to find ways to light up your event and work in small fun decorating elements to make it memorable.

Focus on Your Guests with Lighting

If you use good lighting at your wedding event, it will maximize your guest engagement. Just think if you put a monogram light on the wall, then guests might take a photo with this in the background. Your uplighting might change colors with the music adding energy to guests as they dance. Bistro string lighting might give an old-world feel to guests at your event. Your guests will feel more special when they think they are being included. So if you want to make your guests feel included, we suggest good lighting for your wedding event.

Electrify Your Event’s Atmosphere

Lighting enhances the atmosphere of your event by making everything clear and bright. You can add different lighting effects that make a statement. For example, you can use a bright accent color to capture the attention of your guests. You can wait until a certain moment of the night to change the lighting vibe drastically by turning on a starry constellation. If you want the atmosphere of your wedding event to be memorable, put thought into not what you are lighting but into the how, why, and when.


Different Colors Compliment Different Moods

Colorful lights can make your event beautiful and magical to attract your guest’s attention. For example if you are planning a outdoor event, stick with mint greens, and soft pastels. Rustic barn events look chic with lighting that compliments the color of the venue. Timeless occasions can benefit from soft champagne ivory uplighting. Keep in mind that these colors should balance well with your overall wedding ideas. Darker colors can be a strong contrast and can work well in separate areas.

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Lighting is essential for any wedding event because of all the benefits it offers. Good lighting will allow you to take good pictures and make your event beautiful. Your guests will feel more special with the right lighting because they feel included. Uplighting can also make the atmosphere of your wedding or event good and various with your color selections. So pick the mood for your event and light it up by including our helpful tips above. It’s time to light up the night so that it is memorable.


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