Graphic Design Explained (And Some Helpful Tips for Online Businesses)

The What: Graphic Design can refer to any form of visual communication. Essentially, Graphic Design is a creative process that is undertaken to communicate a particular message to a target audience. In the world of Online Marketing, Graphic Design usually refers to the visual representation of websites, minisites, and any collateral used to enhance a business’ online presence and encourage visitor interaction

The Why: A Graphic Designer needs to consider many elements to make a website visually compelling while still communicating a business’ core messages. A website acts as a business’ online representative, and must therefore be portrayed in a positive way. The design of a website must also be consistent with a business’ brand and the ideologies that brand epitomises.

The How: When designing for the web, simplicity is key. Not only does it make the information easier to wade through, but simple design also holds attention better. A consistent, clear structure leaves no room for ambiguity; imagery, animation, and sound should be used to communicate a positive message about the business.

Designing for your business can also include other visual tools such as newsletters, minisites, videos, and template graphics. Elements such as newsletters will consist of more text-based visuals than others. Some general rules that you should apply when using text are:

  • Use left-aligned text rather than justified text – it is more attractive and will be an anchor for the eye; 
  • Less is more when using typefaces;
  • Use serif fonts if you want your business to seem personal, traditional, or intellectual; 
  • Headings, body text, and downloadable text look better in serif fonts (Times New Roman or Courier); 
  • Use sans serif fonts (Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc) for text that is going to be read from a computer screen; and, 
  • Sans serif fonts can make a website appear crisp, modern, or uncluttered.

The key to branding your business effectively through graphic design is being consistent and enticing across all fields of visual communication with a message that will engage potential customers. A memorable design engages users more as it heightens their excitement level. Ideally, you want to surprise viewers and give them something that they will both enjoy and remember.

An online marketing company that specialises in Graphic Design services can set you apart from your competition. The best marketing companies harness the power of web design and visual language to support your brand identity across multiple mediums. As the customer, your needs should be the number one priority and the marketing company you recruit should shape a design strategy to best represent your business and target your ideal audience. Combine design integrity, creativity, and your marketing strategy to deliver real results to your business.

Sustainable business growth is within reach when you have clear goals in mind, and a committed online marketing company to put them into practice. 

This article was written by Tess Brinums, Marketing and PR Assistant at SOS Development. SOS Development specialises in modern marketing for sustainable business growth with proven step-by-step systems. Our Graphic Design and marketing solutions offer permanent, contemporary, and cost-effective methods of maximising ROI and increasing traffic for lasting business development.

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