Best Places to Go Dirt Bike Riding In Queensland
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Best Places to Go Dirt Bike Riding In Queensland

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Talk about adventure sports in Australia, and you can’t leave dirt biking out of the discussion. 

Most dirt bikes are not allowed to be out on the streets because they raise many issues and do not adhere to the emission and noise regulations. It can be challenging to figure out the right place to go for a spin on your bike. 

That’s where we come in. 

In this article, we have compiled the ‘A’ to ‘Z’ of who can ride an off-road bike and where. This list includes a lot of different terrains – starting from isolated mountains to quiet forest tracks. So, if you are looking for some legal places to ride your dirt bike, this article is for you.

Here we go!

Dirt Bike Riding Guidelines

Just like any other vehicle, only licensed dirt bikers can ride a dirt bike in Queensland. The primary reason is familiarity with the road riding guidelines and to make sure the riders are qualified to ride. Bike registration is mandatory in Queensland, and the same goes for dirt bikes.

Some of the most common places where you can ride a dirt bike include State and Plantation Forests & National Parks. However, you cannot drive an unregistered dirt bike here as well. It is to ensure the safety of all the people travelling through the roads.

Popular Places You Can Take Your Bike For A Spin

Glasshouse Mountains

If you are a dirt bike enthusiast, you can’t miss this place. It will give you what you are looking for – a large forest track, several beautiful trees, and some challenging competitions. With such an exceptional track record, needless to say, the Glasshouse Mountains are crawling with people on weekends.

This place is also perfect for introducing your kid to dirt riding. The suitable terrain and less population will serve as excellent catalysts to hone your kid’s dirt bike riding skills. Make sure you get them the right bike and equip them with the right protective gear like:

  • Kids motorcycle helmets
  • Motocross Boots
  • Neck Protector
  • Chest Protector
  • Motocross Pants & jerseys
  • Motocross gloves and Goggles

Cape York Bike Adventures

A scintillating adventure location situated at the farthest ends of the city’s northern end, this place is a must-visit. It offers the riders thoroughly led dirt bike tours. Dirt bikers are sure to have the time of their lives soaking in the majestic Australian scenery.

Mia Mia State Forest

If you don’t feel like travelling North, why not travel West instead? 

This State Forest is home to gravel tracks & wide fields. It is a relatively isolated area since housing is restricted. There is little to no likelihood of you running into many travellers. Adding another feather to the hat, you can even camp here!

Cathu State Forest

This place is a one hour drive north of Mackay. It offers camping opportunities and has tracks made for dirt bikers. 

The location may not be suitable for beginners, but you will find beginner-friendly areas to ride if you look around. 

Glen Echo Motocross Park

This park is home to several off-road tracks. It is built at a small creek’s Junction and uses its bank formation and tabletops and jumps to its benefit. 

The terrain here is highly varied. It ranges from wide-open lands to steep mountain areas laid with hoop pines and eucalyptus. 

Final Word

There are many places in Queensland where you can ride your dirt bike. All you need is this list we have curated, and you will be all set. As they say, safety first, so make sure to wear protective gear at all times and try not to ride unregistered bikes. Other than that, you will be good to go. 

Happy Riding!


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