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Mera calculator – A site with 300+ free online calculators

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If you have a look at different activities which we perform during the course of the day, most of them involve calculations of a certain niche. Suppose that a student has to solve a problem on Geometric Progress so he would require an online calculator to complete the task. 

A bank officer would need a loan calculator to check the markup rate being charged. Depending on the sectors of life we are related to, manipulation of numerical figures is a day to day activity. In other words, we perform mathematical operations according to our individual requirements.

A dependable website that entertains all user categories

There are several calculator websites claiming to offer quality tools for users. To start with, a very small percentage actually completes the commitments made. In most cases, technical problems are experienced when you start using the tools. A calculator may suddenly get hung without any prominent reason. 

  • Mera Calculator is a better platform than most other websites you can find on the internet. Special attention has been paid to the standard of tools so that they can get the best experiences. None of the users have ever shown any kind of dissatisfaction. Along with that, it is not directed to a particular category of users. Whether you are a student, working employee, trader or someone running your own business, there are several tools according to specific needs.

Various calculators for meeting student needs

College and university students face a tough time when they have to handle four to give courses together. The academic pressure becomes overwhelming and at times, students have to study for endless hours. This situation becomes even harder if most courses involve calculations. In case of theoretical subjects, you can obviously score marks even if 50% of the answer is correct. However, mathematical problems can either be correct or wrong and there is nothing in between. Thus, to score well, you need to have access to quality online calculators.

  • This website has tools for all disciplines which students study at college, undergraduate and even post graduate levels. Along with that, there are multiple tools for each one of them so that all kinds of problems can be solved. 

For instance, consider that you have taken a course of mathematics in your undergraduate degree. The “mathematics” link will show you a list of calculators which you can use. Available options include AP (Arithmetic Progression) GP (Geometric Progression), fraction and expressions. Similarly, there are multiple calculation applications for Physics and Chemistry students as well.

Ample options for Financial Analysts and Businessmen

The most important priority for any businessman is keeping a check on his investments and finances. This helps in making the correct moves on time and avoiding monetary losses. However, the related calculations cannot be done manually and good online tools are needed for this purpose. Entrepreneurs and people responsible for financial interpretations can access several relevant tools from this website.

  • Businessmen procure a lot of assets on installments. They pay percentage of the total principal sum as the initial payment while the remaining sum is paid in installments. A certain interest percentage is applied on the left over amount. 

The amount which is paid at the end of each month is called EMI (Easy Monthly Installment). Although this sum remains constant but if there is a change in policies or interest rate, it can increase as well as decrease. You can use the EMI calculator available on this website to check the installment for any of your assets. This tool comes in handy for individual consumers who buy electronic products, cars and other assets for personal use.

  • People related to the finance sector in any way find this website quite relevant. If you are working as an officer in the consumer loan department, the online loan amount calculator would surely come in handy. It determines the per month sum that an individual has to pay. These officers handle multiple assets with different financial values. Therefore, they need a good online tool to calculate the results. 

A comprehensive calculator website with a simple layout

There are several other websites that offer diverse online calculators to users. This one takes an edge due to multiple reasons including having a simple site interface.

  1. Calculators are listed category wise so no unnecessary searching is needed at all. Users do not have to scroll through a list and access the tools they are interested. All you have to do is select the type you are interested in. Once you click the related icon, all tools classified will be shown to you. For example, if you click the “Chemistry” category you would see calculators for Avogadro’s number, Density, Molarity and other concepts.
  2. Each tool has been developed with the highest level of technical robustness. Therefore, do not expect any of the calculators to get hung or crash. You do not have to pay a penny for using any of them as they are completely free.

Summing it up

On day to day basis, we have to perform different calculations for various purposes depending on what we do. Students work on various academic tasks including assignments, preparations for examinations, tests and other tasks. 

When they are required to perform calculations, having quality online tools is the key.  Similarly, banking and finance professionals have their own needs in terms of calculators. This website has everything for all user types. All you have to do is click the appropriate category and use the desired tool. There is nothing complex about using this website and users do not have to waste time unnecessarily on searching.

The performance level of any online calculator matters a lot. There is no point in using a tool which produces incorrect values or takes too long to produce results. No such problems are experienced by users who use this website. The best development methods have been used to create them. This is one of the many reasons why it is preferred over other alternatives by users. 

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