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Types questions asked in examination

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Questions in examinations can be asked from every nook and corner of the chapter. One can not be in a mindset that only those questions are asked which are given after every chapter. Questions given behind every chapter are just a sample of questions from the lesson. These questions help students in giving an idea or overview of the kind of questions that help in understanding the lesson read or taught. 

Every line is a question

An entire chapter comprises five to ten pages. In that every line can be framed into a question. Especially in subjects such as Science, Social studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Science questions are derived from a word. Look at this sentence for instance: A ball was in rectilinear motion when it reached the player. The question can be asked as defining rectilinear motion. In this way, students can build up their knowledge by reading the complete chapter rather than memorising the questions given behind the lesson. This method can help in a deeper understanding of the concepts with more examples. 

Diagram-based questions

Students are asked to practice the diagrams thoroughly. We know that diagrams play a vital role in answering and also in asking questions. A question can be asked from a diagram or an image. The biology questions are mainly diagram based. A diagram of any organ can be given and a student is asked to label the parts and write the features about those parts. In this way the circuit diagram in physics also helps in understanding and gulping down the circuits involved in various parts of the devices. Picture composition is a trending question in English subject for kids. These types of questions help in uplifting the imagination and creativity of the learner.


On hearing the word numerical one thinks it comes in Mathematics or Physics. The answer is no. Numericals can be asked in Biology and Chemistry as well. Questions based on species of birds, animals are numerical questions in Biology. Questions based on molarity, molality, concentration are the concepts that come under Chemistry. All subjects comprises a few numerical questions and concepts that help in yielding a good score. The numerical carries a lot of marks that helps in bridging the score high automatically. 

One word answers

Few answers are complete just by writing a word. For example, fill in the blanks, match the following, true or false, choose the correct answer. These are quick and easy scoring questions that can be answered within a blink of an eye. Just by writing a word, either true or false, the answer is complete. These require a thorough understanding of the lesson because if the word is wrong then the entire answer is wrong. 

Essay type questions

In these types of questions, one has to showcase his answer completely in words. It can be either a short answer or long answer. Short answers usually consist of 100-200 words. Long answer comprises 500 – 600 words. One can represent his answer neatly by highlighting the main points using bullets, diagrams and writing in a precise manner. 

Answering the questions is a skill. One has to inculcate the skills in order to score high. Memorising the answer and omitting in the answer sheet does not make any sense. Understanding the topics, describing and relating the concepts to day to day examples is the proper technique to write the answer. The answer need not be lengthy but must be apt for the question asked. The evaluator must be satisfied with the short and complete answer rather that long and incomplete answer. Answers must be written in such a way that one must get attracted to it and finds it easy for understanding and learning. 

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